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I’m taking the Live Streaming Pros Challenge: Live Every Day in August. When Luria Petrucci asked us to write in the comments during her broadcast yesterday, “I commit.” I did it. I started today.

I decided to list 31 things about myself. These will be my daily topics. So, tune in, chime in, and let’s talk! Five minutes a day is all it takes. I’ll stream live from I will try my best to stick to consistent times. I hope to see you there!

31 Things About Me

August 4: My favorite color is red
August 8: I love living in Southern California
I’ve been married 25 years
I have three sons
I have three cats
My best friend lives in NH
I love to paint
I want to travel
I want to write another book
I love yoga
I love Jeeps
I love Chocolate
I love the beach
I miss shopping
I like gardening
I want a helicopter
I want to go on a tropical vacation
I love 80s music
I am a wordsmith/poet
I love talking to people
I did the 100 Day Promise
I did the 100mandala challenge
I love roses
I love hats
Social media is my jam
I believe in having a vision
I’m a certified professional life coach
I love to sing but I can’t
I love sailing
BubblrMedia is my dream business
Live-streaming is the main vehicle I use to deliver my message, it’s the one I enjoy driving the best!

A word about challenges…

This is my challenge. I am accepting it now because I believe it will help me with instituting a daily practice of delivering fresh content in my live feed on Facebook. This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I’ve joined other challenges and I have found it to be an effective way for me to develop routines, hone skills, and be better at what I am doing.

There has been some discussion around the interwebs about how these challenges clutter up the feeds and become like junk mail in our already minutiae laden datasphere. I say, stay calm and scroll on! You are in control of what you consume. If you don’t like to see people try to make themselves get better at something, if seeing too much video content is starting to bore you, then it might be time for you to unplug for awhile. Video, especially live video, is on the rise!

I’m speaking at ConnectHer Media’s Women in Business Conference #ConnectHer17 on Using Video to Help Build Your Brand Effectively with Andrea Corson of Video Pop and Aaron M. Sanchez of KMET ABC News Radio on August 5-6, 2017.

Tinsel Town Tonight featuring Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ @TenMiniTT

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A Story of Two Bloggers Who Grew Up to Be Live Streamers…

Awhile ago (before Blab even) I asked Jennifer Quinn if she would like to be a guest on my show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. Her answer was, “Sounds like fun, but – why me?”

Here is why:

IMG_1078Jennifer’s blog impressed me. She is an excellent writer. She is a gifted poet. She seemed personable, caring, and fun. We had a lot in common, both being bloggers and in a tribe together on Triberr. At that time I was mainly interviewing other bloggers. I told her that I believe we have similar views and I wanted to connect with like-minded people. We agreed to set a date to do the show.

On Jenny wrote…

“Your soul whispered to mine…remember to live.”

Flash-forward to today. Now we are both doing interview shows on Blab and love live streaming and social media. We have a blast snapping and Instagramming, Tweeting, Pinning, and sending waves on Anchor! You must follow JennyQ everywhere, if you aren’t already! She will lift your spirits with her bright smile every time!

I am super excited to finally be interviewing this Total Rock Star of the InterWebs!!!

Jennifer Quinn (@JennyQ)

Show Notes

I asked Jenny what she loves to do when she isn’t Live Streaming and being a hotshot social media Goddess. She said, “I like to hike, walk & bike along the river – Boise Greenbelt. I enjoy dancing, karaoke, reading, and connecting with people. I love to hang out with my family. I like to not cook.”

See! I told you we had lot in common! I need to find out how she gets out of cooking, I need some fresh ideas.


When asked what she is most passionate about, Jenny responds with, “Being the “Host of  “The Daily Q Show” – I interview people who demonstrate excellence in their field.”

Jenny loves everything about being a livestreamer. She reaches her followers through Periscope, meVee and Blab. She has even written a Free Livestream Guide download.

We will discuss:

  • Livestreaming and it’s effect on personal growth
  • pursuit of excellence
  • self-development

Connect with Jennifer Quinn

On Twitter, Blab, Pericscope – @JennyQ

Snapchat, Instagram – JennyQ411


Free download –>>