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What is it Like to be on The Alecia Lawrence Show? @AleciaLawrence #podcast

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Soon, I hope to will interview the person who will always be my podcast angel, she does this daily, Alecia Lawrence.

A daily podcast! Every single day! What a Rock Star!

Alecia Lawrence and I are two very different people. We have different backgrounds, we have lived unique experiences on our journey, and we each live a totally varied lifestyle. Yet, we have a similar calling in life. And what we have in common is that we are both answering that call.

I call it making connections. Being supportive. Friends helping friends.

She calls it a “strategic alliance.”

I call it an interview.

She calls it a conversation.

I may say “I hope this works.”

She would say, why hope? “Make it happen.”

Read Alecia Lawrence’s About Page on her website, I Live to Inspire at

I got an email out of the blue one day, I completely believe that email is how angels communicate with me…

It was from Alecia Lawrence.


I felt like I knew her all my life when I read this:

My customers struggles daily with low self

esteem emotions and feelings of unworthiness

They desperately want to win the inner battle

to create the life they desire.

This strategic alliance will help you

while providing a solution to [those]

who are fighting an inner battle with self

esteem and feelings of inferiority, anger,

guilt and sadness.

Thanks for your time. I urge you to reply

today if you are interested in speaking more

with me and joining our network.

Um, yes, I want to know more. Did I reply? Did I reach out? Did I join. No.

I waited. I hesitated. I put a star on the email and pinned it for “later.”

(Read between the lines; self-sabotage, resistance, inner voices doing their dirty work.)

One day, I was clearing my email and I replied. I said something like, “I would like to connect with you. Are you interested in talking with me?” I am sure I told Alecia a little bit more about myself in that email. I most likely included some links. Always marketing myself….

Alecia replied:

Hi Melissa,

Congrats on self publishing your first book. I can only
imagine what a successful achievement it has been. 
I love your motto of live be do.
I am always on the look out for great info to teach 
and share with my audience so they too can live 
their best life.
I would love to have you as a guest on my 
podcast The Alecia Lawrence Show to showcase 
you and your message.
It would be a 20 min or less conversation to share 
your technique and help people shift their life.
Looking forward to your response.
Love Peace and Bliss.

I can’t wait to hear from you

Yours In Happiness,

Alecia Lawrence

Worldwide Coordinator, ILTI Group

P.S. How does it get any better than this?

Wait, what? A podcast interview? Heck yeah! Let’s do this.

Everything happens for a reason.

One afternoon, Alecia called me. We had a great phone conversation. Getting to know each other a bit was vital to doing this right. I loved talking to Alecia. She is quite inspiring!
We set a date and time. A few days before the scheduled interview, Alecia sent me some questions based on our conversation.
Tell us a little about yourself and your mission?
What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced?
How did you overcome said challenge and what major lesson did you learn?
What is the 100 day promise program?
What attracted you to the program which made you say I want to do this?
Why 100 days?

What is a life coach and why did you become one?

Why would I need one?
What’s the secret sauce behind your coaching program?
Why did you write  the Sound of My Soul?
Who is this book for?
Why do I need to read this book?

I wrote down these notes to “answer” these questions in preparation for my big interview. Of course, as resistance would have it, I could not locate them when I needed them and I was totally unprepared and couldn’t do the interview on our scheduled date and time. I didn’t have the right phone connection either. This was a bomb. Nothing was going right. Yet, Alecia was patient and understanding. She has been doing this awhile. She is a woman of her word. She waited for me to come around and make it right. I didn’t need my notes when the time came. I was at ease and energized. I answered her questions from the heart.

  • I became a Certified Professional Life Coach to help others who may be going through a feeling of being lost.  Sometimes we get lost and realize that we don’t have a direction or a focus and we get stuck.  This happened to me.  I put all of my energy in the people around me that I loved and I do not regret that.  I needed to re-discover myself and set some goals.  I made a vision for my life and re-ignited my passion for living. I am passionate about many things.  People.  Travel.  Poetry.  Prayer.  Photography. Movies. Crafts. Love. Life.  One thing you must know about me, I put my all into everything I try.  I learn as much as I can about my interests.  I love to share my knowledge with my family and my friends.  I love to write.  I love to meet people.  I love to share my story and I would love to hear yours. Have you found your passion? If you feel like you could use some direction, I am here for you. Let me guide you to live life with purpose. I believe that when you live an authentic life, when you are true to yourself, you will find clear direction and will experience life effortlessly as you move towards obtaining your goals, dreams, and desires. Let me take you on a journey of discovery. I will be your guide. Find your passion.  Live your purpose.

Here is the link to the podcast interview on the Alecia Lawrence Show at I Live to

I am delighted with the interview. Mostly, I am enthusiastic about the inspiration and motivation that Alecia gave me in our conversations leading up to and since the interview. She challenged me to stand up for myself and do what I have been wanting to do for a long time. I will speak in positive terms. She called me out on my “iffy” vocabulary. I have been hesitant for awhile and put my aspirations on the back burner. Why wait? Life is too short. I have been playing around with ideas for video webinars and podcasts for years. After the experience with Alecia, I feel that I must act on it now. With the release of the live interview on Alecia’s show today, I want to announce my own show. The launch of my own talk show with the first episode airing on this Saturday, August 2nd. It will be a weekly interview with amazing people. Each week I will interview someone who inspires and intrigues me. Since I love Hollywood and I want to honor the rock stars and legends in my life, I decided to make this fun…

Welcome to Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town!


My stevie_wilsonfirst guest on the show is Stevie Wilson from

I will post the video here on Saturday, August 2nd.

Stevie Wilson is…Big! Stevie Wilson is big in social media. She is big in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, media and marketing. She is a pioneer in the world of digital marketing. Stevie is a dynamic woman who is legendary in Los Angeles, in media and fashion, and known worldwide for her premiere events.

I am so happy to have such an inspirational and influential first guest on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town!

Many of my friends and fellow bloggers want to help out and I can’t wait to ask them each my favorite “Oprah-esque” questions!

Let me know if you want to be a guest on my show or if you would like to connect with Alecia Lawrence or Stevie Wilson.

Have you produced or been a guest on a podcast or video interview?

What do you like best about digital media?

You Gotta Be Kidding! @LAStory @ChelseaHandler

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I wrote up a little something about a show I saw while I was in Atlanta. It is being posted on a friend’s website, called LA Story. Check it out HERE!

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