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Friendship Sink or Swim

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Do you trust your BFF? Will she let you drown or throw you a life-jacket? Are you the anchor in the relationship or the buoy? Don’t just float around in your relationships. Be the friend you would want to have. Be willing to share your best qualities. Show kindness and patience. Be honest and forgiving. Remember to be your own best friend. Listen to your heart. Don’t reject the kindness of others.

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The affirmation is a reminder to be the kind of friend you would want, not only to others, but to yourself.

Monday is MizMeliz Day on SnapDays @SnapDays_Bot @BubblrMedia

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Add #SnapDays on Snapchat It’s a Directory of Awesome Snappers and their Fun Activities


Have you heard about the Snapchat Bot? It’s called SnapDays and it is designed to keep you informed of the daily activities on Snapchat. I am new to bots and I am still understanding how they work. How about you?

When you activate the bot it sends you messages and you can ask questions. If you use key words it will respond with some suggestions. For instance, if you ask what is happening on Monday…


So, be sure to Use Keyword “Monday” with the SnapDays Bot! and have fun checking out what is happening on all the other days, too!

Allison Diamond is the mastermind who designed the bot. She is also a creator on the BubblrMedia network. She has produced a number of shows including the World Harmony Project. Currently her focus is on Roasts & Ghosts with SnapDays which airs live on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. Pacific time on


Message from Allison, the human behind the bot:

“I’d love to feature you guys on #SnapDays! #SnapDays is a bot that alerts subscribers about Snapchat hashtags (like #SingItSunday), Snapchat “shows” (like #CreepyBitmoji) and events (like Chatsnap). We also feature individual snappers. It’s all about making fun and meaningful connections!

I’ve entered the link below. Let me know!”


Check out the SnapDays Bot Blog on Tumblr: