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Zef Zan is One in a Zillion! @Zef_Zan @etSoar #Zefinitely

Posted on January 31st, 2018 by & filed under Everything Miz Meliz, Inspiring Adventures, Interview, Theme of the Week

When I first met Zef Zan online I thought she might be a little too zesty for me. She is a zippy little ball of energy that talks fast and fires lots of information in every live broadcast she does. At the time I was still finding my zen. But I knew she had some special appeal and I wanted to know more about her. One thing is certain, she has always been very nice and encouraging and I had a sense that at the right time we would have a chance to come together. I finally had an opportunity to work with Zef as a co-host for a segment on her recent Momentum Tribe Virtual Summit and last week she sat down with me for an interview for Inspiring Adventures.

Her zealous nature shining through, she shared her story and explained how she actually found her zone. It has been a crazy road and her journey has been difficult to say the least, that’s what makes this zany lady one in a zillion!

Check out this preview of our interview where Zef and I talk about the Word of the Week: Listen…and then see the entire Inspiring Adventures interview on Facebook/BubblrMedia

She’s Dynamic, Dauntless, and she gets things Done! #Zefinitely

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