Sunday Morning Painting w/Cindy Harrison

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Cindy_Harrison , ✞ SωℯℯԵղℯss ✞, and Melissa Reyes MizMeliz

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128 responses to “Sunday Morning Painting w/Cindy Harrison”

  1. Bob King says:

    add color to your life

  2. Bob King says:

    @Cindy_Harrison oh, have you ever used wax paper with embossing gun? it becomes totally transparent

  3. Bob King says:

    @Cindy_Harrison And you mentioned embossing earlier, could add some texture with embossing after the painting is finished

  4. Bob King says:

    @MizMeliz and your flipping that heart stencil was an awesome idea, can not tell now it was 2 hearts

  5. Bob King says:

    @MizMeliz love your painting and the colors

  6. Bob King says:

    To be very clear, this format is great and we can see everything.

  7. Bob King says:

    @MizMeliz I’d be happy to assist with testing different options sometime this week, before next Sunday

  8. Bob King says:

    broadcast in Periscope, watch it in browser screen, share that screen in Blab and it will be in 16 X 9 ratio in top half of screen

  9. Bob King says:

    My idea is using Periscope – I’ve already tested it in a Blab

  10. Bob King says:

    It’s working great now. we can see it well

  11. Bob King says:

    I’ll talk to Cindy about it tomorrow

  12. Bob King says:

    @Cindy_Harrison @MizMeliz I have an idea for using screen sharing so you can show more of your work area. so you can make use of the other half of blab viewing area

  13. Ann King says:

    splatter looks awesome

  14. Bob King says:

    @MizMeliz That’s better – we will not allow “can’t” vocabulary 😀

  15. Ann King says:

    I love your new name for your show!

  16. Ann King says:

    @MizMeliz Bob is watching over my shoulder to conserve our bandwidth. He wanted you to know he LOVES your energy level & excitement

  17. Ann King says:

    we are not Hallmark

  18. Ann King says:

    Love your yellow butterfly

  19. Ann King says:

    Each are different and unique

  20. Ann King says:

    Butterflies are individual

  21. Ann King says:

    Beautiful and great detail

  22. Ann King says:

    @MizMeliz thanks for sharing

  23. Ann King says:

    Love your art wall!!

  24. @MizMeliz you need to hang that

  25. Ann King says:

    No, we are watching from bed

  26. @TakgNotes they are beautiful

  27. Ann King says:

    Both of your butterflies turning out great

  28. i have to go in there and say i will allow other things to be allowed in my settings

  29. Ann King says:

    Hello @OMFGAshers

  30. no they wouldnt let me have mine up on youtube

  31. Ann King says:

    Bob said they won’t cut out the sound, it only effects monetizing ads

  32. orange around the yellow would look good

  33. where do you get graphite paper?

  34. may i come up now that he is not in

  35. i am going to make alcohol paints maybe next week

  36. nice meetin you ladies i showed tina how to cast from hers i am gonna fb and stuff

  37. now i have mine on tv and he is going to facebook

  38. if yall wanna see i can turn my pc around

  39. i am casting yall to the big ol teevee fer tina

  40. yes i have some for the fish tank

  41. he is going to try to get this page up on our tv

  42. my bf is waiting for his pc to load to come in

  43. the eyeshodow in the dollar store has mica in it

  44. Cindy have you tryed painting with eyeshadow

  45. Linda Barnby says:

    Tell us a little about your studio.

  46. Okay company came a little early. I will have to catch the replay. Have fun ladies!!

  47. Linda Barnby says:

    Love the headband, Melissa!

  48. LOL lovin the music in the background.

  49. I am expecting company so not sure how long I can stay.

  50. Good Morning Cindy! Thought I would pop on and watch you create pretties!!!

  51. you waiting your friends

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