Steve’s Paleo Snacks Motivated Me to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Review

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 This is a review of products that I received for free. (Disclosure)

Discovering New Ways to Stay Motivated for a Healthy Lifestyle

You never know where you might find inspiration!

I was asked if I wanted to try some snack foods to review on my blog. So, since I have a house full of taste-testers (aka teenage boys) I accepted, naturally. I didn’t tell them until the box arrived that they were officially health snacks. In fact when we opened the box I wouldn’t have mentioned that they were “Paleo” snacks but the packaging was very clear. My hubby and son were willing to try the meat sticks right away and they liked them. Better than any they had ever had! The rest sat on the counter for a few days. I said nothing.

What is Paleo?

In case you haven’t heard the rave about “Paleo” – it is a high-protein nutrition regime composed mainly of meats, veggies, fruits and nuts. The practice of following a paleo diet has exploded onto the fitness scene over the past few years. With big national endorsements from brands like CrossFit and Herbalife, Americans are adopting the paleo lifestyle and investing in a healthier future. (I do not endorse or recommend this diet or lifestyle nor deny it’s potential health benefits. I am not a health professional and I am not qualified to make diet recommendations. Read my Disclosure Statement for more details on articles like this.)

Steve's Paleo Snacks were displayed on the counter

Steve’s Paleo Snacks were displayed on the counter

“I’m not gonna try it, you try it!”

Curiosity finally got the best of us. The descriptions on the packages sounded really yummy. We are pretty adventurous eaters, willing to try most gourmet foods. My family started sampling each item and we all tasted the different flavors of granola.  They were really good! I think if I kept snacks like this in the house, we would eat them. I will definitely pack these in the boys’ sports bags and on ski and hiking trips.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to try them for free because I most likely wouldn’t have bought them in the store. But I would now. After trying these snacks, I was reminded of how much we enjoy the natural goodies like coconut, berries, seeds, and nuts. I was energized both physically and mentally. I started thinking about getting back into shape and feeding my family healthier meals. I started to get motivated!

The boys ate the meat snacks first

The boys ate the meat snacks first

Who is Steve?

Even though I wasn’t paid to write a review for Steve’s PaleoGoods, I wanted to learn more about him and his products. I am happy to share this information with you. I am inspired by Steve Liberati and his mission  to help  America’s at-risk youth gain confidence through nutrition and fitness. Steve is the owner of Steve’s PaleoGoods and heads up Steve’s National Club, a program that combines Crosfit, mentoring and nutrition counseling through afterschool programs hosted in 16 different communities and holds annual leadership conferences with the kids who have become leaders within the program.

Steve’s PaleoGoods, is a startup brand that features wholesome snacks. A Jersey native, Steve Liberati originally created the snacks in his own kitchen as a healthy alternative to school snacks for the kids in his at-risk youth program. Steve and his wife began making the snacks themselves but demand from their local community soon soared and he sought help from the Rutgers Business Accelerator program. Steve’s PaleoGoods organically grew as a result. As a fundraiser for the kids, Steve started selling the snacks online and now Steve’s PaleoGoods are offered at conscious retailers like Whole Foods (where 15% of the sales continue to support the mission of training at-risk kids). 

Inspired by His Life’s Passion: “Fuel for Life’s Journey”

Steve first discovered his passion for helping the youth while working as an exterminator with his dad in the projects of inner city New Jersey. It wasn’t long before he realized his true passion in life – helping kids to become creators of their own destiny. Since 2007, Steve’s Club has provided local at-risk youth with an opportunity to safely participate in the CrossFit community at little or no cost. He wanted to actively engage the community in fitness and offer the best nutritional guidance and mentorship to those children in need. The idea was born in Camden, New Jersey, one of the most dangerous, crime-ridden cities in the country according to national statistics. As a neighborhood exterminator Steve got to know many of the local troubled youth and decided to launch a program for those who couldn’t afford training. Within weeks Steve had over 25 active participants – and with over 16 current national clubs in 16 different communities – the rest is history!

I love that the snacks are called: FUEL FOR LIFE'S JOURNEY

I love that the snacks are called: FUEL FOR LIFE’S JOURNEY

The sauce is blended with many healthy ingredients

The sauce is blended with many healthy ingredients

For more information see these sources:

What have you heard about the Paleo diet?

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