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Cheerful Decorated Clipboards

cheer girl

Print a picture like this one to use as an applique or to trace for a cheerful design on your clipboard!

2016-05-17 13.28.09Supplies Needed to make this decorative art piece that can be used as a decoration, gift, or your next project list:




  • 9 x 12 clipboard
  • drawing or clipart of a figure or outline (See this pdf for a printable download: Cheer Girl)
  • sanding paper or foam sanding block
  • acrylic paints – white and at least two complimentary colors
  • paint brushes, sponges, or daubers
  • scrapbook paper
  • stencils, stamps, and ink pad
  • ephmera
  • bling, sparkle gem, or button
  • ribbon, twine, or yarn
  • scissors
  • glue: decoupage or mod podge, E6000, the Ultimate Glue by Crafter’s Pick, Heat Adhesion Medium by Deco Art
  • water for paint
  • spray bottle or mister with water

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Sample of a Decorative Clipboard by Cindy Harrison

Sample of a Decorative Clipboard by Cindy Harrison

2016-05-12 17.50.08

Spring Celebration Decorative TagsIMG_3761

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