Save the Date for A #TenMiniTT HALLOWEEN EPISODE 10-26-14

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Coming soon on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town

I am thrilled to death to have as my Halloween Special Guest, a real life Hollywood horror expert!

jmJoe Moe is an expert in horror having been a published writer, producer and designer of films and having worked in special FX makeup. He was best friend and caretaker of the late Forrest J. Ackerman, who is best known as the world’s greatest private collector of memorabilia from horror films, science fiction epics, and monster movies.

Joe really knows his stuff! He is the editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine which has inspired Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Stephen King, John Landis, Ray Bradbury and many more. He currently promotes a national horror convention called Mad Monster and he is the editor in chief of Mad Monster magazine. Joe edits the retro issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and the auction catalog for Profiles in History, the leading auction house for movie memorabilia.

Join me on and be in the LIVE audience for this special thirteenth episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town…if, you dare!

Joe and I will discuss horror from classic literature and how it has influenced writers of today’s scary movies.

Do YOU have questions for the master of horror, Joe Moe?

Tune in to at 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 26th for the LIVE show.



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