Tinsel Town Live Interview with Copy Conversion Expert @SarahGrear

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Welcome Sarah Grear to Tinsel Town Live! Sarah will share her insights on business launch and copywriting conversions. https://smiletime.com/channel/mizmeliz #onSmiletime

Tinsel Town Live Interview with Copy Conversion Expert @SarahGrear

November 10 @ 4:00 pm5:00 pm


Interview with Sarah Grear

Thursday, November 10, 2016 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Sarah Grear says her current addictions are Shark Tank and devouring books about marketing and personal transformation.

Ask and it is Given is on the top of my shelf right now.” She told me.

Sarah is a Copy Conversion Expert helping business owners launch online. She has personally written copy for over 200 businesses from startups to 7 figures. As a copy conversion mentor, speaker + published author her focus is on helping entrepreneurs turn online lookers into buyers with persuasive writing.

Sarah has been a speaker at Social Media Week Los Angeles and her work can be found in a National Public Radio ad campaign. She has also produced copy for digital influencers like Amber McCue, Hilary Rushford, and Rick Mulready.

10422180_1100065566712588_544277063370491022_nWhen she’s not writing copy, Sarah is teaching entrepreneurs with her DIY online writing classes that have been taken by over 1,000 people in more than 30 countries. Wherever she goes her mission is to help entrepreneurs reveal their voice while amplifying their sales.

I have experienced Sarah’s style and graciousness first hand when I saw her speak at a blogger conference in Los Angeles about four years ago. After that she was very kind to me and was supportive when I launched my own project and self-published my first book, This is the Sound of My Soul. Sarah attended my book signing event in East L.A. and she is the primary reason I always think before I use multiple exclamation marks. (!!)

I am so happy to welcome Sarah to the Tinsel Town Live family! I look forward to finding out what she is doing these days and to introducing her to you! (I am quite excited about it. Thus, the exclamation mark.)

Connect with Sarah here:

Twitter: @SarahGrear

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeCustomWriting/

Website: http://sarahgrear.com

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9 responses to “Tinsel Town Live Interview with Copy Conversion Expert @SarahGrear”

  1. Mary Grear says:

    Very proud of you ladies! Great time listening.

  2. She helps with the writing that is necessary for businesses.

  3. Sarah is a Copy Conversion Expert

  4. Question: Do you have to be public with all of your hobbies? Because honestly, we all have different loves and interests …and, isn’t it best to divide your life between hobbies vs. a career/job?

  5. Great too see you all! If you have a question for me or Sarah, please type it in here.

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