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Sandi Amorim is a real life poem.

Sandi Amorim

In her book, The 100 Day Promise, Sandi hopes to help people reclaim their freedom.

“I help people via workshops, online programs, and my book, The 100 Day Promise.” @SandiAmorim

Sandi Amorim, Author of the 100 Day Promise

SA Headshot
“I like to walk my dog along the river, sing, take photos, cook, and generally have fun.” @SandiAmorim

Cover 2In the interview, we will discuss:
– How to create sustainable change.
– Why we don’t keep promises to ourselves.
– What does it take to acknowledge our desires?
– How do we break free of limiting beliefs?

Connect with Sandi here:

“I am most passionate about helping people reclaim their freedom.” @SandiAmorim


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Check out Sandi Amorim on #10M with MizMeliz on Spreecast.

View the interview on  my Meerkat Live Stream @TenMiniTT

View the interview on my Meerkat Live Stream @TenMiniTT







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