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Meet Ross Brand

“I enjoy hosting interview shows on Blab (#LivestreamStars, Mondays, 7pm ET) and talking with people who are delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms, learning about how they came to livestreaming and how it fits with their work. The guests are the stars of this weekly show.

Ross recently launched three shows: #LivestreamSports, #LivestreamNews and #AskTheExpert. These shows air monthly.  While the shows do have guests, the discussion is more narrowly focused on the subject matter.

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When I was on Livestream Stars I asked Ross when would he be on my show – and now he is HERE!

Visit Ross’ websites for more information about individual shows: LivestreamUniverse.com and LivestreamStars.tv.

Ross is the co-founder of HR Avant-Garde (HRAvantGarde.com), where he designed the website and edits the blog. Ross loves to spend time with his family and friends when he isn’t working on meeting the stars of the Livestream Universe.

We will talk about Ross’ favorite subjects on Tinsel Town Tonight:

  • Livestreaming
  • Broadcasting
  • Social Media
  • Sports

Connect with Ross Here:

Blab.im: @iRossBrand

Twitter: @iRossBrand, @LivestreamUni, @HRAvantGarde

Instagram: @RossBrand1, @LivestreamUni @HRAvantGarde

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/rossbrand

Facebook: facebook.com/livestreamuniverse & facebook.com/hravantgarde

Websites: LivestreamUniverse.com, LivestreamStars.tv, HRAvantGarde.com, RossBrand.net



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