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Remember looking at pictures of far-off lands in a View-Master and dreaming of having an adventure?

Look in the “View-Master” http://mizbizevents.com by Clicking on the picture above and Play the Video and see how I make every day an adventure on my Journey of Life.

This blog is an opportunity for me to express myself creatively. This is a journal of my experiences, and a place for me to connect with the people I meet along the way.

My vision is to help others, through friendship, guidance, coaching, consulting, and teaching while applying my gifts and talents in an effort to make a difference in our world.

I am learning new lessons all the time and experiencing new challenges along my journey of life.  I wish to share my insights and light the way for others. . .  in a fun and real way!  I do this by being open and accepting of all people and things that I encounter.  I am always searching for new adventures.

If you would like to join me, please EMAIL ME

Melissa Reyes (AKA Miz Meliz) at MizMeliz@Yahoo.com

12065899_10153705202609592_6226074007020522650_nI work full-time as an administrative assistant at a private middle school in sunny Southern California. I am married to my best friend of thirty years. Our sons are growing up fast and have become fine young men.

My favorite thing to do is meet people online through live streaming. I have a weekly talk show on Blab.im called Tinsel Town, where I interview amazing people and lead discussions about positivity and living out your purpose.

In my spare time, I work on writing here on my blog and on various projects. I self-published my first book, This is the Sound of My Soul, in October 2013.  I am looking for a publisher for a book of original poetry and MizMeliz-izms.

I am a certified professional life coach and I enjoy hosting small groups and guiding people through the challenges in their lives, motivating and inspiring them to be happy and aspire for greatness.

I love living in Los Angeles, listening to music and watching TV and Netflix. You might see me driving along Pacific Coast Highway in my Jeep with the top down enjoying the sunshine and the sea air.

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