About Me

Remember looking at pictures of far-off lands

in a View-Master

and dreaming of having an adventure?


Look in the “View-Master” by Clicking on the picture and Play the Video

and see how I make everyday an adventure

on my Journey of Life.

This blog is an opportunity for me to express myself creatively, it is a journal of my experiences, and a place to connect with people  My vision is to help others, through friendship, coaching, consulting, and teaching while applying my gifts and talents in an effort to make a difference in our world .

I am learning new lessons all the time and experiencing new challenges along my journey of life.  I wish to share my insights and light the way for others. . .  in a fun and real way!  I do this by being open and accepting of all people and things that I encounter.  I am always searching for new adventures.

Email me, Melissa Reyes (AKA Miz Meliz) at info@mizmeliz.com for inquiries.


I work full-time as an administrative assistant at a private middle school in sunny Southern California.  I am a mom of three active and lively teen boys.  I am married to my best friend of thirty years.  In my spare time, I work on writing and I self-published my first book in October 2013.  I am a certified professional life coach. I love music and comedy and driving on Pacific Coast Highway.  Oh yeah, that is my red Jeep in the picture!  

Miz Meliz is all about me, it is truly a reflection of me.  I write for myself.  Writing is my passion.  I hope to inspire and to be inspired. My blog is all of my writing, journal, poetry, prayers, prompts from projects that I am participating in, reviews, events, everything!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting here.  This is a place of good intent.

Leave a comment – reaction – reflection – review . . .

I want to hear from you!

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