Recipes for Creativity What’s your Process?

Posted on February 23rd, 2016 by & filed under #SPARKLE Tinsel Town Tonight Interviews

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Grammy Dawney Glenn ­­, Melissa Reyes MizMeliz, renee tarantowski baude, and Nicole Levac

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58 responses to “Recipes for Creativity What’s your Process?”

  1. Mario Leone says:

    be back in a few 🙂

  2. Mario Leone says:

    Its interesting how we push at life rather than listen to it.

  3. Hey Alexey, we are just wrapping up

  4. candyj™ says:

    @Grammys_Art hi ladies

  5. Sorry, have to go. I be looking for the next show!

  6. Nicole Levac says:

    OMG @MizMeliz that is SO cool

  7. You sound 200% Better @Grammys_Art

  8. Nicole Levac says:

    @Cindy_Harrison I hear her fine. Maybe you need to refresh

  9. @Grammys_Art you might want to refresh again

  10. @Cindy_Harrison Right now I love ink markers on paper….but I am starting to add mixed media.

  11. hi Cindy! I didn’t see you sneak in!

  12. @Grammys_Art I really love that piece behind you. Love the movement!

  13. Yeah, I’ve been experiencing glitches

  14. We’ll be here for about 20 more minutes, more or less

  15. thanks, how long will you be on? need to break away for awhile.

  16. Unrevealed beauty! I like that!

  17. Nicole Levac says:

    They are not mistakes, the are unrevealed beauty

  18. @NicoleLevacSoul Hi Soul Sister!

  19. Welcome, thanks for coming in A Creative Passion

  20. Nicole Levac says:

    This is amazing….love hearing about all your creativity…

  21. Great show ladies – Need to take a call.

  22. Kathi Carey says:

    @Grammys_Art Thanks!

  23. Chris Laible says:

    You ladies are just having too much fun! 🙂

  24. is this a dry blab? because for me it’s quitting time!

  25. @Grammys_Art what hashtag do you want me to use?

  26. I love the title!! Recipe for Creativity! I will bring some awesome ingredients to cook up some heartwarming deliciousness.

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