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It is always a thrill to meet someone who is well known for their accomplishments. I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new friend of mine who has had made an impact in many ways. She has enjoyed a very active career in voice over and acting for over 35 years and now she is a blogger, and a podcaster who reaches out to her “Baby Boomer” friends and shares her life experiences.

Rebecca-Forstadt-Voice-Actor-Los-AngelesI met Rebecca at the New Media Expo last year in Las Vegas and then got to know her a bit better at the Entertainment New Media Network’s conference in Hollywood this summer. She is very active in blogging groups online and at events and conferences all around the country. You will know her voice if you follow anime or cosplay. She is a dear and crazy fun to hang around with! I can’t wait for you to hear her stories!


Rebecca Forstadt InterviewSee it Here NOW:

Show Notes

I asked Rebecca about what she loves to do when she is not working.

“I love traveling especially in Europe. I also enjoy movie screenings, theater, concerts, wine tasting, foodie events, dogs and any sort of field trip,” she said.

She told me a little bit about her career.

“I’ve been a professional voice over actress for over 35 years for film, TV, commercials, animation, video games, audio books and anime. I’m a long standing member of SAG-AFTRA. I’ve also appeared on camera, starring in 2 motion pictures, as well as appearances on television and Los Angeles Theater.

I am best known as Minmei in the animated TV series Robotech which is celebrating its 30th year, this year.”Roboech anniv

Rebecca can be found all over the web for her various accomplishments and interest. Look her up – she goes by many names!

Her IMDB is under Rebecca Forstadt and her Podcast is called 2 BoomerBroads.

2-Boomer-Broads-Album-Art-340Rebecca has three websites. One for her current passion and interest, where she reaches out and helps her peers called, Baby Boomster – Food, wellness, lifestyle and travel for women over 50.   Rebecca’s podcast with friend and co-host, Dr. Sharone Rosen, is called 2 Boomer Broads – Life, love, laughs and unsolicited advice. And for the role she has played the longest, find her acting and voice over updates on Rebecca Forstadt – where she posts about her voice over acting and appearances.

Follow Rebecca on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2BoomerBroads

ITunes:  http://bit.ly/boomerbroads

Twitter: @2boomerbroads @rebeccaforstadt @baby_boomster @rebeccaolkowski


I always ask my guests on the show where they like to hang out when they are in Tinsel Town, and Rebecca told me that you can often find her after a show at her favorite place to eat in Hollywood, Miceli’s (when it isn’t hot outside. LOL!)

That is a funny story because when I spent some time hanging out with Rebecca at the Entertainment New Media Network Conference this summer, we went to Miceli’s together with our friend from So Cal Lady Bloggers, Carolyn West. It was so hot…(how hot was it?)…it was so hot, we couldn’t stay – we had one drink and left to find a place to eat that had better a/c. (Okay, I think the plastic flowers were melting, that is how hot it was!) It was a real bummer, because I could tell Rebecca really wanted to stay. Miceli’s brings back a lot of memories of fun times for her and her friends.

Miz Meliz and Rebecca Forstadt at ENMNCon15 in Hollywood, CA.

Miz Meliz and Rebecca Forstadt at ENMNCon15 in Hollywood, CA.

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