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I asked and they answered. When Jay and I interviewed each other on the special episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town – Two Kats in Tinsel Town, we asked the audience who they would like us interview next. Many favorite Meerkat streamers were on that list including one hesitant participant.

The Fisherman and the King

Pablo's Profile Pic

Pablo’s Profile Pic

After a little coaxing, I convinced Pablo that he has faced much more dangerous sharks than me out on the waters while deep sea fishing! He is a very humble guy. He is one of the many people I have met on Meerkat that prefers not to show his face or talk about himself. He is quite private. Everyone knows he loves fishing and he loves to stream while fishing off the shore in Virginia. So, I promised him I would ask him about his favorite thing and he had nothing to worry about.



Pablo Lydia KellyI thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Pablo and now consider him a friend. He is a fisherman. He is a wonderful caring person. He is funny and kind. It was a pleasure having him as a guest on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. It was a very special show, the first of it’s kind. In fact, a friend of Pablo’s made a special appearance and I had the rare opportunity to interview him as well. It was my first time interviewing royalty! Yes! The King of Blab himself graced us with his presence on the Variety Show Special. The theme was Star Power and why we must chase our dreams and become superstars.

Listen to the interview podcast with Pablo, I guarantee you will love it! And keep an eye out for my next post with the full video of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town the Variety Show Episode, featuring the King of Blab, Country Music’s Shawn Diddy, and animal expert, Lee Turner.

Variety Show

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