“Paint with Heart Pre-Show” on Smiletime

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https://smiletime.com/channel/paintwithheart #onSmiletime

21 responses to ““Paint with Heart Pre-Show” on Smiletime”

  1. Lol!! Whoot whoot!!😂😂😂

  2. No probs, we’ll be in touch soon…just let me know 💃🏻🎉

  3. Hey Cindy! Great to see you both 🎉🙌🎨

  4. Paula Stout says:

    No questions… Hope to make the class

  5. Paula Stout says:

    Oh I see the eyes also lol

  6. Janet Walsh says:

    Ooh I love that witch tag!

  7. Janet Walsh says:

    Really I was gonna rub a graphite pencil…

  8. Janet Walsh says:

    I’m guessing a ghouly ornament

  9. Janet Walsh says:

    You guys are too funny!

  10. Janet Walsh says:

    What is the finished project?

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