Remembering Karen

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Beyond Our Touch

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We love our departed brothers and sisters,

but now they are beyond the touch of our hands,

the glance of our eyes and the warmth of our flesh.

We are grateful that you blessed us


with their presence for a time,

and pray that they may enjoy

your loving presence for all time.


Messages to Heaven



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Dear God,

Help me to live my life to the fullest.

Help me to excel above my expectations.

Help me to shine in the darkest places

where it is impossible to love.

Protect me, dear God, at all times.

Lift me up when I need you most.

Remind me, dear God,

that when I walk with you

I will always be safe.



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Lord, give me the courage to recognize and use the gifts that you have given me to use for the greater good of this entire community.

My Soul’s Compass

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My Soul’s Compass

Point me in the right direction,

may I have the best intention.

It guides me,

it pulls me.

My soul’s compass is within,

it allows me to begin

(again. . . and again.)

Where do I want to go today?

About how long shall I stay?

Spin the dial,

take a chance.

My compass isn’t just a guide,

my soul is open for a ride.

My heart beats,

today I dance.

Don’t get lost deep down inside,

beware not to run and hide.

Sometimes it spins,

it always wins.

Do not fear in case you fall,

just pick up and walk tall.

Alive in spirit,

from high above.

Your soul’s compass will do it’s part,

you will find it in your heart.

Like a dove

you’re meant for love!

– – Melissa Reyes, 1-10-2012

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