My Rockin’ Style Choice, A Poem by Melissa Reyes

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What I am Wearing

Does it matter what I am wearing?
I am so happy I have ceased caring;
What I have on may be considered daring.

I am wearing my “stinky shoes”
In a contest for pretty feet, I would surely lose!
Not even that would give me the blues.

My pants are severely out of style
I honestly haven’t worn them for a while;
I am clueless how they made it to the top of the pile.

Not that anyone would care,
The elastic is shot in my underwear;
It is time to get a brand new pair.

My T-shirt is old and worn out.
The stylish black shirt may give me some clout;
You definitely won’t see me pout.

This jacket may be the oldest article of clothing I own,
It is tattered and dusty and needs to be sewn;
I won’t be posting a pic from my phone!

My hair is pulled back in a ponytail,
A little lipstick keeps my face from looking pale;
I have finger nail polish on more than one nail.

My look is not at all pulled together,
I am just barely prepared for the weather;
Yet, there is one thing that I wear with pleasure.

Like a crocodile’s, it shines broad and wide,
I wear it with a great deal of pride;
The smile I am rocking today is bona fide!

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4 responses to “My Rockin’ Style Choice, A Poem by Melissa Reyes”

  1. James White says:

    You are so right, everything becomes better with a smile. And no mater how fancy the clothes somebody’s wearing, without smiles and happiness, it’s not worth it.

  2. I love this Melissa! Definitely feel your elation!!! Only if everyday brought this much happiness, but it definitely makes you cherish them when they do happen.

  3. upliftingfam says:

    Great poem, thank you for sharing. 😉

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