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Be happy
Be authentic

Use the silent voice of your integrity to find your inner peace

Return to the truth
Return to love
Live in happiness

I believe I need to cheer myself on at times
You can do this
Yes I can
I am capable
I can rely on and trust myself
I am dependable
I am the glue

See the world with the eyes of truth
Don’t let the parasitic voice in your head take over the dream of your life
Speak only truth
Live in love
Have no fear

Believe that anything is possible

Invest your faith in yourself

Experience the truth

What you perceive is your truth

Use words to make a portrait of what you witness

I believe that God is the artist
I am the muse
My words are inspired
I can paint a picture or create a lasting image with my words
I can show the world what I have seen, what I have witnessed, and what I feel in my heart

Create your own story
Create your own art


Inspired by don Miguel Ruiz

2 responses to “Motivation”

  1. Lucy says:

    Perfect words! And so wonderfully put. Thank you!

  2. What a beautiful piece to share. I feel very inspired after reading it, and almost at peace afterwards. xoxoxo

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