“Miz Meliz’ Shop” on Smiletime

Posted on December 11th, 2016 by & filed under Tinsel Town Live 2016

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Shopping with Miz Meliz Exclusive Offers New Designs @MizMelizLA #onSmiletime

9 responses to ““Miz Meliz’ Shop” on Smiletime”

  1. Bren Haas They are $10 each on Etsy – I am going to send you three for $10. Just DM me your email address and I will send you an invoice from PayPal

  2. Bren Haas says:

    What a great idea for gifts! You are super talented Melissa Reyes!

  3. Bren Haas says:

    2 stretchy … No earrings… I’m a gold / silver hoop gal!

  4. Bren Haas says:

    I need one that matches it to wear with it… I like to wear at least 2 of those together!!! Hold them for me and tell me where to send you $$$ <3

  5. Bren Haas says:

    HOLD that pearl one with earth tone beads bracelet for me!

  6. Bren Haas says:

    love the Christmas bracelets and stretchy is awesome! !

  7. Bren Haas says:

    Cute Hat…. did you make your earrings you are wearing in the live stream?! <3

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