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How Nerdy Are You?

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(4LL1|\|9 4LL |\|3rD$!

If you haven’t done it yet – why not now?

Donate $5 to NerdHQ to make the event happen.  See my post on Sleepless Nights for all the details.

Can’t get enough info about Zachary Levi? Zac fans, check this out for even more insights, quotes and pictures from the meet up with Zachary Levi at the Hard Rock Cafe, Universal City Walk from my friend at That’s It Mommy: I Want My Nerd HQ Interview with Zac Levi


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MontiLoveGoldTransparentRibbonHappy Nowruz!

The Midnight Mission’s Nowruz New Year Celebration, took place on Friday March 14th from 3pm to 6pm at The Midnight on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. This year, the title sponsor was California-based brand SKECHERS USA, Inc., who are renowned for their diverse range of lifestyle footwear for men, women and children. This year’s event marked an important year for The Midnight Mission, who is commemorating their 100-year anniversary of providing social services for the LA region’s neediest population.

The Midnight Mission third annual Nowruz at the Midnight Mission event was a special street celebration to toast life during this festive time of renewal. Southern California Iranian Americans gave back with a traditional Iranian street fair including live entertainment and meal service as well as traditional gift-giving. Hundreds of volunteers and local leaders participated. Steeped in history, Nowruz is a 3,000 year-old holiday and an annual celebration that marks the beginning of the Iranian New Year for people of all faiths. In the same spirit, through its life-saving and life-changing programs and initiatives, the Midnight Mission has been a source of revival and renewal for the homeless population of Los Angeles for the past century.

 How do you celebrate the New Year?

Do you do anything special to honor Spring?



I dig aquariums and museums, don’t you? If you took the quiz above, you know that makes you a nerd, right? Well, here is a little technology faux pax from the Georgia Aquarium that I visited last month…

my_picOkay, so I stood in front of a green screen for this on my way into the aquarium. I was cold and wet from walking in the rain to get there. I was alone and felt strange posing for a picture. I knew I would resemble a Killer Whale dressed in black and white and sporting my big belly – but I was relieved when I found out they only have Shark and Beluga Whales there. I just wish the photographer would have slimmed me down with a little photo shop when he stuck the background in there! I mean, really? Really?

Oh well, I had a great time and I have this lovely memento.

Do you buy those pictures they take at tourist attractions? Don’t you love that you can download them for free online? I do! I seriously love anything with a link these days.



I was so lucky today when I was thinking of ways to invite you all to subscribe to my newsletter! I have used quizzes from Interact before with great results. The quizzes are light and easy to use. I like taking quizzes. I think you do too because you did it, right?

Well, I couldn’t find one I liked that was good enough for all of my new #NerdArmy friends, so I emailed the guys over at Interact and they so totally lived up to their name. Josh got back to me right away and within minutes made the quiz above for me. (Well, anyone can use it and even modify or create their own on their site – and it’s free!) But I felt special and really appreciated the attention and quick response. So, shout out to Josh and Interact! You ROCK!



What were your results of the quiz, How Nerdy Are You?

Are you part of the Nerd Army? Will I see you at Nerd HQ? 

Let me know in the comments.


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