Merry Christmas! I love you!

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Merry Christmas!

I am filled with love today and my eyes are still stinging from the tears I shed last night.  I went to see Les  Misérables with my husband and sons on Christmas Eve.  It was wonderful!  I cried throughout the movie because I found the music and acting to be so powerful with emotion, it moved me.  The story of Jean Valjean is one of hope and unconditional love and forgiveness.  I was looking forward to this reminder which was perfectly timed to arrive on Christmas Eve.  No matter how bad things get (and they got very very bad for Jean Valjean!) we can always get through it if we don’t give up faith.  That can be faith in God, in love, in friendship, or simply in the belief that things can get better tomorrow.  Just live one more day.  The best message of Christmas time (the season of love and hope that you honor) that I can think of is to believe.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your heart and your capacity for love.  As Victor Hugo wrote, “To love another is to see the face of God.”  To truly love someone is the most graceful thing we can do.  If we give love to another our heart is filled with joy and compassion.

I love you!

I love the magic of Christmas and the joy it brings to all people.  Young and old, people of all faiths wish each other good tidings at this time.  The spirit of a giving heart is personified in Santa Claus.  I love that spirit of giving.  I am filled with love today, not because of what I have or what I want, but because of what I am able to give.  Jean Valjean didn’t have a wife, or children of his own.  He didn’t have anything for much of his life, and what he did have was borrowed, stolen, or given to him when he denied his own self.  When he had the chance to love another person is when he was given the true gift of hope.





Let joy fill your heart!

Merry Christmas!  I love you!


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6 responses to “Merry Christmas! I love you!”

  1. jdmeier says:

    Les Misérables is powerful stuff.

    I really like how “who are you” really was a key theme throughout the movie, and identity was such a fleeting thing depending on what you rooted it in.

  2. bohemianbabushka says:

    Hoping your Christmas was as beautiful as this post. Abrazotes and believing for all of us a wonderful 2013. BB2U

  3. Joy says:

    Beautiful! I believe, and it is wonderful to live it 🙂 Holiday love to you!

  4. Love is all we need! wishing you the best as well!!

  5. XOXOXOXO Melissa! Wishing you and your family a wonderful day! I feel so blessed to have met you this past year and I treasure your friendship.

  6. Merry Christmas Melissa!!! Xoxox, I’m so glad you’ve come into my life. Look forward to seeing where 2013 takes us all.

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