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Today on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, I am happy to have Maribel Reyes, of as my special guest!

Maribel headshot I know Maribel from our So Cal Lady Bloggers group. I met her online a few years ago and we bonded because we have the same last name. We call each other “sistah” but we are completely unrelated. In fact, we have very little in common other than we are both married to men who have the same last name, we are both lifestyle bloggers, and we both have been inspired and our lives have been enriched by our relationship with our mothers. That part about our mothers helping us through difficult times in our lives, I just found out in my interview with Maribel on my show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. I learned some other cool things about her, too! I was surprised to learn that Maribel worked in the export/trade business and that she had the same job as her husband. He is an expert in the Harmonized Tariff Code which is used for the classification of goods exported around the world. (8:50) I asked Maribel to tell me about her move to Central America, and how she and her family have adjusted over the past 14 months. Maribel, her husband, and their two small children live in San Jose, Costa Rica in the Central Valley. Google Map Maribel told me what it is like being an expat and meeting other expats from many different countries who are all working in Costa Rica (1o:30) I wanted to know about the things that are most important to Maribel and what she writes about on her blog, StrollerAdventures.

Maribel is most passionate about making the world a better place for her kids.

Maribel told me about how her mom influenced her and set an example for adjusting to life far away from home. She had an epiphany that she shared with Maribel when she saw the movie, Doc Hollywood, where she realized that it isn’t the place (that makes things good or bad,) it’s the person. We have to do what we can to make our home a happy place to live.

I am most passionate about accepting differences with others and learning to respect those differences. We are so caught up in our own little worlds that we tend to forget that we are not alone in the world and share our living space with other human beings this is key if we want to make this a better place for our kids to grow and live in. We should lead by example and embrace differences. It doesn’t mean we have to agree, but just to accept that we don’t all have to be the same. “To make the world a better place, we all have to accept that there are differences and learn to appreciate those differences.” ~Maribel Reyes

I asked Maribel about what she does for fun in Costa Rica. I found out that Maribel loves adventure!

Zip-lining in the Jungles of Costa Rica

Maribel going zip liningI have never thought that zip lining through jungle is something that I would want to do! No way, not me! But listening to Maribel describe her adventure and how much she and her children enjoyed it, I think I might have to add that to my bucket list.

What is Maribel’s Favorite Hollywood Hot Spot?

Sunday Brunch at Junior’s Deli

juniors_bakery_exterior_a_l Sadly, the Hollywood hot spot that Maribel so fondly remembers is closed. It was Junior’s Deli in Westwood, CA. They lost their lease and closed their doors in December 2013. Maribel shared a fun story of meeting Julio Iglesias and his band there once when she was a girl. Maribel’s family followed him when they left the restaurant, all the way to his hotel in Marina del Rey! Iglesias Fanatics! Find out more about Maribel in my interview with her on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. She tells me all about trying out Costa Rican recipes and her favorite restaurants.

Connect with Maribel Reyes

Maribel with gecko“I am just strolling along life, sharing what I see and do.” ~Maribel Reyes of


Maribel loves reggae music and Bob Marley

Maribel loves reggae music and Bob Marley

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