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Welcome to Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Marty McPadden!  I can’t wait to find out all about you and PodJamTV Productions when we meet up on

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Marty McPadden

Marty McPadden

PodJamTV Prodctions


Show Notes

What Do You Like to Do for FUN?

I love tech!

Since I work in my own business with my wife, I work a lot, but I love it.

When I can get away, we love to travel and take in a good movie here and there.

What is Your Background?

I worked for ESPN from 1995 to 2014 before striking out on my own to create my own company.

My wife and I co-founded PodJamTV Productions.

We specialize in multimedia production (video, audio, and live streaming video shows) as well as social media strategy and community management, project management and events management.

We stay pretty busy with that although it’s great to be able to work from home (when not traveling.)

What Shall We Talk About?

We can talk about the technical aspects of live streaming and some things you can do to optimize your production experience.

I’m also well versed in social, photography, mobile tech (iOS apps from an experience standpoint) as well.

Where Can We Reach You?


Twitter: @MartyMcPadden



@MartyMcPadden on Twitter, Blab and most other social networks


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