Connecting Over Coffee with Marcie Taylor @SuburbanMama #TenMiniTT @TenMiniTT

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Marcie and I are both passionate about our families, coffee, travel, reading, writing, and social media! We had a blast talking about all of the things we love and what we aspire to be and do.

Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz and Marcie Taylor @SuburbanMama

Show Notes:

What do you like to do for fun?

I like photography, hanging out at the beach, messing around with my kids…

I’m a social media consultant and writer-for-hire. But aren’t we all?

I am passionate about coffee, books, travel, Doctor Who and social media.


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Connect with Marcie:

Surf City Family

I’ve written a book, too – it’s called “Missing Mangoes: For Filipinos and Those Who Love Us”

Do you have a favorite Hangout or Hollywood Hotspot?

I love going to Santa Monica  but going to LA is daunting with traffic from OC.

Here in Orange County, I love the OC MIX/SoCo Collection and The Lab – both are in Costa Mesa.

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