#LivestreamStars w/ @MizMeliz, Tinsel Town Tonight Host, & @iRossBrand

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Ross Brand, Melissa Reyes MizMeliz, David Vaughan, nathansegal, and Cindy_Harrison

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90 responses to “#LivestreamStars w/ @MizMeliz, Tinsel Town Tonight Host, & @iRossBrand”

  1. Ross Brand says:

    Thanks so much for being on the blab. Have a great night 🙂

  2. Sorry I missed your blabstars interview! I fell asleep. ARGH!!!

  3. Ross Brand says:

    thanks for rolling on

  4. Do you want us to close the Blab Ross?

  5. Ross Brand says:

    I never expected you’d still be on

  6. I would like to go, but the conversation has been very interesting

  7. I forgot to give you the link MizMeliz to sign up so you can get inpirational emails each week as well theprofitablelist.com

  8. nathansegal says:

    @Cindy_Harrison THanks, Cindy.

  9. Sounds awesome @nathansegal

  10. nathansegal says:

    I just did that recently, but only because I wanted to make a bunch of videos and to do so on Blab was a distraction. Now that most of my videos are done, I’ll be putting together an interview series which i’ll be hosting on Blab.

  11. nathansegal says:

    There is a time to stop and pull back.

  12. is their a cost to attend

  13. @IamDavidVaughan No sweat you can hop on Wed

  14. @geralddnwo ah, damn I was gonna hop in

  15. @IamDavidVaughan Just got done

  16. @geralddnwo i thought you had great o clock coming up

  17. ross you missed the highlight comment of the night

  18. @Cindy_Harrison yes she is.

  19. @IamDavidVaughan I totally agree, @MizMeliz is an awesome person with a giant heart

  20. @Cindy_Harrison no you do roses

  21. But I don’t do mandalas

  22. and i printed off my coloring book

  23. Shhhh I’m waiting for my mug

  24. Ross Brand says:

    @djksar thanks for the questions

  25. aww the TM doesn’t show up

  26. sparklepreneurâ„¢

  27. Kelly James says:

    The discipline is impressive

  28. chatting is very nice but I go back to my original point – if you’re a small business owner, you need to get results

  29. Randy Ksar says:

    that is an entrepreneur!

  30. Randy Ksar says:

    pretty cool story

  31. I’m NOT a spammer – but I’m there to sell

  32. I have lots of friends .. I’m about online sales .. and I’ve been using social media for 7 or 8 years

  33. engagement is cool, do they buy or subscribe?

  34. @PremierBandsUnl lol, not really. it was a bunch of hooey

  35. Jerry H. says:

    @IamDavidVaughan So do you feel all caught up on blab now?

  36. is that a bad thing ?

  37. blab holds them for you

  38. I am a fairly unimportant person on an irrelevant platform

  39. we love you Miz Meliz

  40. Ross Brand says:

    @IamDavidVaughan Hey David!

  41. Ross Brand says:

    open seat…join us and ask your question on-air

  42. Ross Brand says:

    Ask questions of Melissa using /q

  43. Ross Brand says:

    @alberMoire Hey Alberto!

  44. Ross Brand says:

    @rachel_really Thanks for sharing

  45. I see you, Jeff @jdags

  46. Jeff Dagley says:

    Everyone should have a tiara like yours @MizMeliz

  47. Jeff Dagley says:

    Who ratted me out Rachel?! 😉

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