Let Kindness Define You #keepitkind @humankindness

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Let Kindness Define You

by Melissa Reyes
June 25, 2014

#keepitkind #hellohumankindness @humankindness
This is a sponsored post (see Disclosure for details.)

Do you get inspired by worldwide sporting events?

I do. I think it is neat when a big sports event brings people together. In the U.S. we love the Superbowl. It is practically a holiday. It is one day. But what I love even more, is the camaraderie that comes from international competition. Like the Olympics and the World Cup. Everyone is cheering for their team and their country. I see it so much via social media. Especially Facebook. There is so much pride in showing team spirit. Healthy competition is good for the soul. I love when everyone is talking about it. We are all in it together. The World seems a little bit smaller. We are more unified.

Not long ago I wrote about the Rise & Smile ap from Dignity Health and HelloHumanKindness.com  Dignity Health is a strong believer that kindness helps people heal. People making connections, either through social media or in person, is so important to our health. We need each other. There would be no competition, no team spirit, no home field pride, if we didn’t have each other.photo by Melissa Reyes http://mizmeliz.com copyright 2013

Do you get emotional when you see or hear the human interest stories during the Olympics or other National sport competitions like World Cup Soccer?

I sure do! It’s my favorite part of following sports. The stories of how hard someone worked or the obstacles that they faced to get to be a world class athlete are so touching. Everyone is talking about it. Dignity Health is looking to join the global conversation.

Dignity Health is on a mission to inspire and spread human kindness. As one of the nation’s largest health care providers, they have witnessed firsthand the power that human connection and kindness has to help people heal. Because of this, they have been promoting acts of human kindness beyond just the health care industry – in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities.

As the World Cup moves into the spotlight, Dignity Health is partnering with social media and blogs to remind people of our universal humanity amidst international competition. Through this common ground and pride, where we all can relate to each other and be inspired by each other, Dignity Health makes it their mission to remind people of the healing power of kindness that is within and all around them.photo by Melissa Reyes http://mizmeliz.com copyright 2013

How often have you witnessed an instance when kindness shined through during a competition or game between rivals?

We have all seen instances where an athlete gets injured on the playing field during a game and a member from the opposing team helps him to the sidelines. It’s heartwarming. My son told me that his high school football coach always said to offer a hand to help a guy up after you’ve knocked him down. This may be a good philosophy that helped them get to and win the championship. Is it strategy, or basic human kindness?

Both as fans and athletes, sports challenge us physically and mentally. They help us connect with one another and teach us new things about ourselves. We’d like you to write a blog post about a personal observation you’ve experienced where humanity and kindness trump rivalry.

As my youngest son loves to say,

“Challenge accepted!”

When HelloHumanKindness.org came to me with this request, my mind started wandering through memories of watching my kids growing up on the playing fields…photo by Melissa Reyes http://mizmeliz.com copyright 2013

Moms of athletes will know what I mean by this.

I have thought about this quite a bit and I was reminded of a few things that have happened with my children over the years. I am not an athlete, but when it comes to sports related experiences, I have observed quite a few. I have three sons and they all play sports. None as dedicated as my oldest son who played lacrosse and football all four years of high school.

I remember it quite vividly. My son was standing on the sidelines near the end of a really tough game of varsity lacrosse. I always kept my eyes on him when he played. It was hard to keep up with the game and score, but I was just there to watch him anyway. Lucky for me, or I might have missed seeing this and it led to me learning a valuable lesson.

“When you judge another, you do not define them. You define yourself.” ~Wayne Dyer

I watched as my son was talking to the referee. They were having a pretty animated discussion from what I could see from the stands. I was worried that he was getting chewed out for a penalty move or something bad. I thought he was going to be very grumpy on the way home. Tough games like that and being critiqued stays in your head a long time after the game. My sons tend to internalize and do not like to discuss what happens on the field with me.photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2013 http://mizmeliz.com

What did he do wrong?

It turned out that he knew the referee from other games and had gotten to know him a little over the years. When I asked my son what they were talking about he told me that the ref was asking him about where he was going to college and if he was going to play lacrosse at the college level. He said that he had always been very kind to him. It humbled me for thinking it had to be bad since the referee was talking to him for so long and that it hadn’t occurred to me in all that time that a referee would take interest in the boys that they supervised. Surely this man had seen my son grow over the years. He was a mentor for him. He was very kind to my son, and for that I am grateful.

The referee modeled how a good person should be around young people. He was encouraging and helpful. I had been pretty hard on the referees during the game, always concerned about bad calls and missed penalties. That is a typical attitude to have towards the referees. Although revered, they often get a bad reputation in most sports. When we want so badly for our children to experience success and for all of their achievements to be noticed and recognized – we blame the ones whose job it is to point out their faults. I never stopped to think of the referee as an individual who could be influential in my son’s life other than to reprimand him. I learned so much from talking to my son about it that day.photo copyright Melissa Reyes 2013 http://mizmeliz.com

I will never forget the kindness of the coaches, referees, trainers, and team parents who were there for my sons.

This was a case of when kindness trumped rivalry for my son and for me. The coaches and referees may seem unapproachable, yet they are the best people to talk to and not just about sports. My son reminded me that many of the referees are retired coaches whose children have grown and they often volunteer to come back for the love of the game.

For the love of the game. To connect with other people who love the game. To promote togetherness and spread human kindness.

What about you?

Have you experienced or observed an act of kindness that trumped rivalry? What can you do to help spread human kindness?

The hellohumankindness project, started by Dignity Health, is all about helping people to heal through the inspirational power of being kind to one another.


We are Dignity Health, believers in the healing power of kindness.
What do we mean by “Hello humankindness”? It starts with the proven idea that human connection, be it physical, verbal, or otherwise, leads to better health. That’s why it’s at the heart of everything we do at Dignity Health. We’re determined to bring more humanity into health care. So join us in our mission to create, discover, and celebrate the humankindness around us. Maybe we can make this world a little healthier and happier together.
Hello humankindness.


I invite you to share your story!

Use the hashtag #keepitkind so others can learn form your experiences. Say “Hello HumanKindness” and inspire others to celebrate the kindness all around us.

You can learn more about the Human Kindness Project at hellohumankindness.org

photo courtesy of Christopher Taylor Lopez Photography copyright 2013

*Dignity Health believes that humanity holds the power to help people heal through being kind. This is a sponsored post from Dignity Health, HelloHumanKindness.com and InNetwork.net (Disclosure.) All opinions are my own.

**Thanks to the Tiny Buddha for the quote by Wayne Dyer. Read more about first impressions at http://tinybuddha.com/quotes/tiny-wisdom-judging-by-first-impressions/



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