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I think we must be kindred spirits, soul sisters, or perhaps we are just two nice people with some common interests. I am not sure how it happened or why, but when I first “met” Kerry through an email we connected quickly and easily. (Disclosure-this is not an ad. This post is not sponsored.)

A #TenMiniTT Tinsel Town Tale with Kerry Tressler  @CocaCola on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz @TenMiniTT

5/19/2015 17:00:00

Her kind and generous nature put me at ease when I first met with Kerry Tressler at Sol Cocina in Scottsdale, Arizona. We happened to be in the same place at the same time, so we met for lunch just to get to know each other. That was so much fun and most unexpected.

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Melissa Reyes and Kerry Tressler

We became pals on Facebook and we swap stories now and then of fab restos we eat at and parties we get to attend. We exchange “likes” and support each other through social media. I admire that she has a position within a huge company where she can help people and make a difference in our world.  Kerry inspires me to be more involved within my community. She encourages me and somehow, in some way, I feel like she gets me. I look forward to interviewing her and learning more about what makes Kerry Tressler a total rock star! I have a feeling you will love her as much as I do!

Kerry and I will discuss her job in general, and what she is currently working on – a new national campaign called Mixify that aims to help teens and their families balance what they eat, drink and do to lead active, healthy lives. This project is part of Coca-Cola’s Balance Calories initiative.

You bet we will be talking about this! Coca-Cola’s Mad Men Connection

A Few Things I Know About Kerry

Kerry likes to travel. She enjoys playing with her dogs, Bailey and Ruff, two West Highland Terriers she calls her 4 legged furry babies. Sampling her husband’s homemade cuisine rocks her world. She likes to swim.  One of the things she is most passionate about is her love of all things, “Coca-Cola!”

Kerry is the Director of Public Affairs & Communications for The Coca-Cola Company. She has worked for the Company across many roles for more than 12 years. Not only does she love their products, but she is incredibly proud to work for a Company that is so involved in the communities where they do business.

Kerry Tressler Coke

You can connect with Kerry via her email at

When in Hollywood, you might see her at her favorite place to hang out and eat…

Barney’s Beanery!

What do you think will be Kerry’s Tinsel Town Tale?

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