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I met Jonathan on my favorite live streaming ap, Blab.im.  He is a nice person who is helping people navigate the business of social media and content creation.  What does that mean? Well, it means that Jonathan is doing for entrepreneurs and businesses what I do for people in my life coaching and mindfulness classes. We both like to help people…to mentor, motivate, and inspire.  Jonathan shows integrity as he speaks from the heart. He is passionate about live streaming and connecting people. That is why I like him. You will too!

Who Does “Social” Work For?

Jonathan Trip makes social work for you! Meet him on Tinsel Town Tonight when I interview him about social media, live streaming, start ups, and cooking!

Show Notes:

Jonathan says, “I love cooking – but can’t bake to save my life.”    We will definitely talk about that! Father of five, Jonathan works from home and balances sharing the responsibilities of taking care of his little children with his wife, while he conducts his online and live streaming business. He loves coffee and he needs it as he works tirelessly to achieve all of his intentions.

He has a background in property management services, non-profit organizations, and small business. He feels that his experience has given him the ability to personalize project management from inception to execution.  He strongly believes in leveraging motivation and mentorship to create diverse professional teams while leading by example.

228947_10150273019228701_1957115_nCurrently, Jonathan is building a startup that brings social media strategies and platform account management services into focus in an evolving world of user generated content and livestream media.

Jonathan is also the host of BlabNation, a livestreaming talk show focused on social media, business and marketing topics that matter.  Daily shows feature new and familiar names in the digital and business world.

Check it out weekdays at http://blab.im/jonathantripp

“I love making connections on Social Media… specifically on livestreaming and Instagram. These are my jam.” ~Jonathan Tripp

11850583_10153604421913701_989590285661006747_oYou can connect with Jonathan Tripp here:



twitter: @jonathantripp


Artwork Featured on Tinsel Town Tonight

In this episode of #TTT I had the pleasure of introducing you to the artwork of Dawney @GrammysArt

If you would like to see more of her work, connect with her on Social Media

photo collage created by Melissa Reyes on Canva 1-17-16 artwrok used with express permission by the artist Dawney of GrammysArt for mizmeliz.com and Tinsel Town Tonight

Artwork by Dawney @GrammysArt

Dawney can be found on Facebook

She is on Blab, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as GrammysArt

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Who does social work for?

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