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Raising a family is . . . fun!  I bet you thought I was going to say . . . difficult, or challenging, or even . . .  scary!  It is true; being the mom of three teenage boys is ALL of those things.  However, for the most part it is really fun!  My husband and I enjoy our kids and have a lot of fun with them. We get to go to lots of football games and concerts.  We take them camping, to the lake and the beach, to amusement parks and museums.  This time in their lives is all about sweet sixteen parties, dances, proms and graduations.  There is always a celebration happening.  One thing we love doing is eating out with our boys. (Well, I admit I was going to say, eating, period.  Yeah – eating is a big deal at our house!)

From watching the Food Network together, grocery shopping, cooking and going to restaurants – food seems to be a big deal for us.  I am sure this is the case for all families.  One thing we enjoy doing with our kids is eating at restaurants that cater to families.  I am so excited to say that I have rediscovered such a place and it is all about food, family and fun!  For so long, my husband and I have told our kids about the fun times we had at places like Farrell’s and Bob’s Big Boy that were around when we were kids.  We have tried to reenact those memories and never came close, until we went to Johnny Rockets.

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Thank You Johnny Rockets for the Fun Time, Shakes, Burgers, Fries and Smiles!

Johnny Rockets opened in Los Angeles in 1986 the same month I graduated from high school.  I recall going there a few times with friends in those first few years of college.  It was a fun place to go after a concert or before a show.  My husband remembers that, too and he also went there for lunch a few times when his office was located nearby Johnny Rockets.  Honestly, after that I am sad to say we forgot about it.  We never realized what a great place it is to take the kids.  Until now!

Johnny Rockets has it all.  They serve quality food that is amazing and yummy.  The atmosphere is friendly, clean, exciting, and retro.  The 50’s style soda shop motif is a classic.  The staff is well-trained and takes pride in providing a memorable experience for their customers.  They not only serve the food with a smile, they dance and entertain their guests!  Yep, every half hour the music is turned up and they do a little dance!  Getting people to smile and enjoy a great meal is their mission at Johnny Rockets.

My husband, all three of my sons, and I had the chance to attend a private event at Johnny Rockets where we were treated to free samples of their burgers, fries, and shakes.  We received much much more than the complimentary sodas and food – the experience made the biggest impression.  Fantastic service, entertainment, and the best shakes ever!  The kids loved the burgers, my husband loved the prices, and I loved the fun family time.

Next time we are trying to think of a place to eat after the game, date night, or for a special birthday – I have a feeling Johnny Rockets will be our first choice.  If you want to learn more about Johnny Rockets, see their menu and find one near you, check out their website:  They even have a new shake flavor, Candy Shake, which is made with M&Ms and is beautiful and YUMMY!  

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  1. I might just stop in their to say for a YUMMY shake 😉

  2. It was great to see you as always and your family is just lovely. I am excited for Julian (did I get his name right?) to head off to school – he’s going to have a great experience there!

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