I’ve Discovered My Strengths, Now What?

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Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton, Ph.D. is a valuable must read!

Maegan from Chronically Distracted posted this as her “Read of the Week” and I am so happy to revisit it as it is one of my all time faves!  See my own copy of this book in the picture above with all the tabs and earmarks.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying to pick what qualities best described me before taking the test.  As it turned out, I am: Relator, Empathy, Positivity, Developer, Harmony.  It would be interesting to take it again, having been eight years since that result!  I am curious how Maegan’s test comes out.

Let me know if you have read this book, or others by Buckingham.  What do you think?  Was it life changing?  Do you think of others’ strengths as resources or do you wish you could change them to better suit your needs?  The biggest take away for me from this experience was learning that everyone around me is better and happier doing what they are naturally good at.  Even when asking my sons to do chores, I consider it.  They each have their individual talents and abilities.  Why not let them feel great about what they do best?  Everyone is happier with the results in the long run!

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Thank you Maegan for reminding me of this valuable tool!

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