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Every day this week, I will post about an adventure I have been dreaming about.

Make your dreams come true!

Have you ever wanted to go WHITE WATER RAFTING? 

I have heard that the rivers in Colorado are flowing big time this summer! According to The Adventure Company, as a result of the above average snowpack from this past winter and the cooler spring temperatures that prevented rapid early season snowmelt, river flows have been very sustainable this season. (Disclosure) That makes for some awesome white water rafting. And that makes for some amazing memories. My good friend, Yesmin, just went on a white water rafting adventure with her family. They had a blast! The pictures that she shared on Facebook were so out of this world, I asked if I could share them with you on my blog. Seeing how I will be able to give away a trip like the one she took, of course she was happy to oblige.

I went on an “incredible white water adventure. Follow the sequence of the pictures and see the Mother of the Year fail… Thank God for the best guide ever, Paul, who scooped Sophie out of the river! She wants to go back and try a harder river.”

I have never been on a trip like this. I don’t even have it on my bucket list. The only thing close to an experience like this that I have ever had was at Disney’s California Adventure. I was reluctant to go on it because I suffer from Vertigo and it looked like something that would make me dizzy. But, you know what? I had a great time! It was exhilarating and fun! Everyone on the boat got wet. I loved it actually. I am glad I tried it. If I am ever in a position to go white water rafting “for real” I will most likely do it. We only live once. I aim to live every day of my life.

Since 1987, The Adventure Company has been setting the standard for top quality white water rafting. In order to ensure that guests have a safe and fun trip, they only hire guides that have at least four years of commercial white water guiding experience. As the only company in Colorado with this strict guide experience policy, all guests will have an expert guide even on a beginner trip. 

Photo courtesy of The Adventure Company

Photo courtesy of The Adventure Company

The Adventure Company guides are able to share their knowledge of the river, canyon geology, point out wildlife, and tell stories to their guests because their high level of experience and confidence means they are not just focusing on getting through the rapids. The guides know the river like the back of their hand and they give their guests an education and fun experience. 

To ensure the safety of their guests, The Adventure Company takes extra measures by doing the following:

  • All guides have a minimum of four years of commercial white water rafting experience.
  • Colorado State regulations regarding river flow cutoff levels for commercially guided trips are strictly followed
  • An expert “safety kayaker” goes along on all trips to direct and assist any guest if they become a “swimmer” and are no longer a “rafter.” This helps ease the guest and ensures that their time in the water is greatly minimized.
  • A 2nd guide is added to the boat for the ultimate safety and security during high water if guests need extra assistance.
  • Boats have the ability to help each other very quickly because they leave the starting point in an organized periodic way.
  • Guides are trained for safety and rescue protocol and are required to be CPR/First Aid certified. Most of the guides also have advanced certifications and training in Wilderness Medicine.
  • Equipment and rental gear is always updated, maintained and operable.

Still smiling and loving every moment!

Still smiling and loving every moment! What a thrill!

So, with all the safety measures taken into account and Yesmin’s trust in God, her family had an adventure to remember. And little Sophie wants to go again!

Have you ever been white water rafting? Do you want to try it?

 Call 800-497-7238 or book online at The Adventure Company

Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my ongoing relationship with US Family Guide. The pictures of my friend’s family on a white water rafting adventure were taken while on a trip in California on the American River between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. My friend lovingly shared them with me so I can show you a first hand experience of white water rafting. Neither of us are being paid or receive any compensation for posting. We simply love life and have an adventurous spirit. As part of the US Family Guide promotion, I am able to offer you a coupon and a chance to win a trip.

Share your pictures with me.

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