Interview with a Life Coach – the Answers

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Thank you Kate!
I was so excited to hear from you and love that our friend Maribel brought us together!
Here are the answers to your wonderful questions:
I became certified in October 2012 after I researched long and hard, just like you have been doing, and it was the best thing I ever did! (Well, almost!) One thing that I loved about my journey to becoming a life coach was that it was pretty easy. Seriously, I made every decision with my heart and so far it has been a joyous experience. I have always felt confident about doing it because it felt so natural and I was so passionate about it every step of the way. Everything started to fall into place.
Once I decided what types of coaching I wasn’t interested in doing, I narrowed the training options down to what I was most comfortable with. Then I looked at cost, which was an issue for me. I found some reasonable options and that narrowed it down quite a bit. I chose the program based on what felt like a good fit. I read every word on their website and all the testimonials that I could find. I was so worried about buying into a scam. I did not want to be duped. No one I knew at the time even knew what a life coach was and to explain it sounded like a scheme. I was embarrassed to think that it could be a terrible mistake. Especially because it felt so right for me.
I went with Fowler-Wainwright International for a few reasons. One was the ease of completing the program online. The cost was affordable. Once enrolled, there was a lot of ongoing support. But, mainly it was because I loved the sound of Barbara Wainwright’s voice. I could listen to her all day! Since all of the training was in her voice, I enjoyed the sessions and felt comfortable the whole time. She is very encouraging and supportive.  She has gone on to form her own group, Wainwright Global, which I highly recommend.
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 I believe becoming a certified professional coach is what gave me the confidence to get started. You do not have to be certified to be a life coach. You can start helping people as soon as you feel comfortable. I began to take it seriously once I committed myself to the program. The tools that I learned re-emphasized my inherent beliefs. The credential has helped me to be taken seriously by others. Having completed the course, I feel that I have earned the title. It was a big accomplishment for me!


I have always wanted to help others. In high school I was interested in psychology and psycho-therapy. I was introduced to a leadership program where I was trained to be a small group leader at retreats. Even though I already knew back then that I wanted to be a counselor of some type, I realized that I was a very emotional person. I did not think that I could cope with helping people with traumatic experiences. I pursued other interests for many years. As I matured I realized that I was the person people came to when they needed to talk and that I was in fact a life coach before I even knew such a thing existed.

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I think a life coach is someone who can listen with an open mind, guide by example, not ever judge, love all people, and be completely dependable. A life coach does not give advice. We don’t try and fix people. We are accepting and understanding. A life coach can see the good qualities that a person has and they can help that person make and achieve their goals. I help people to find their passion and live their purpose. I help to light the path on their journey. I help them to see themselves in a positive light and I help them to learn that they can live to their full potential.
A great sports coach can see abilities in an athlete and help him or her to reach their full physical potential. A business coach helps people reach their professional goals. I help people realize their dreams for themselves, find joy in their life and live in gratitude of the moment.
I am still working towards making this a business. I am still not sure if that is what I want exactly.  Right now it is a calling. Perhaps, a ministry. I believe in unfolding to a certain degree and going where I am meant to be. Since I have a full time job, I am allowing myself to be who I am at heart. I am a life coach. I am a writer. I am many things to many people. At some point, I may develop it into a business. I am always open to taking on paying clients. I offer a six week session that can be scheduled on my website. I also do workshops and mini-retreats. I am currently writing a self-help book. So, in the process of doing all of these things, I meet people who need me and I am there. I like it that way. For now.
Miz Meliz Keeping it Together Workshop

“Fulfilling Commitments” is part of The Develop Your Best Self section of I AM KEEPING IT TOGETHER Life Balance Workshop with Miz Meliz 2012

My advice for someone who may be interested in life coaching as a business would be to know which it is you want. Do you want to be a life coach? Do you want to have a business? Do you simply want to be happy doing what you love? We can have it all. Make a plan. See it in  your mind the way you are the most comfortable, happy, and successful. Then work to make that happen. It is easier than you think!
Here is a question for you Kate, what are you dreaming of? What has lead you to wanting to be a life coach?

How about you?

What are you dreaming of doing?
Would you ever consider having a life coach help you?
Leave a comment…BE A PART OF THE INTERVIEW…ask me anything about life coaching.

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  1. I want to be a life coach 🙂

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