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Miz Meliz – Melissa Reyes

As a mom, a writer, a talk show host, and a life coach, I have made it my mission to connect with people and help them find their passion and live their purpose.

I love meeting people near and far, learning about cultures, using my creative nature, and sharing my best self in order to serve others , spread kindness, and make a positive impact on the world.

My goal is to interview someone every week who shares in my mission and is willing to inspire us with their story. It will be a new adventure all the time! Together we will discover new insights and advice from a different perspective. We will learn what it takes to grow and thrive from another point of view. We will meet people who have made a difference in their own life, and perhaps they’ve made an impact on the world, or perhaps on you.

I invite you to experience the adventure, be inspired, and find your pathway to begin changing your life…take action by joining me for my weekly show, Inspiring Adventures!

For 2017, my intention was to highlight people with inspiring stories to share. My focus is always to help people find their passion and live their life to the fullest, best, healthiest, and happiest they have ever been. I call that living in full bloom. I declared 2017 to be my Year in Bloom.

The journey continues this year with my Year in ACTION! I’m making things happen. All the plans are ready and I am raring to go! Are you coming with me?


Live Stream History

Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz is my talk show. I always wanted to host a show that was an “Oprah-esque”/Late Night talk show blend. I thought that I would never get into podcasting or video production, so my dream was still a dream until I was challenged by Alecia Lawrence one day in 2014 when I was being interviewed on her podcast. She simply asked me what was stopping me from doing my own podcast?

My husband had a podcast about his hobby and I knew a lot about video production, and certainly had experience with social media and promotion. I thought about my dream and how I could incorporate all the things that I love doing into one show. That’s how Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town came to be!

Tinsel Town Live is now called Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz and the show still airs on Tuesday nights, 6-7 p.m. Pacific Time. Everyone is welcome to watch and participate in the online discussion. You can see the Livestream on Facebook and watch the replays here and on You Tube.

I broadcast live (YES – LIVE!) every week. On Tinsel Town, I interviewed the superstars of the internet, people who are the celebrities and authorities in “My World.” Basically, anyone who would let me interview them! I enjoyed making the show fun and lively. I asked questions that everyone wants to know about the total rock stars in their midst…where do you like to hang out, what is your favorite restaurant, travel destination, what do you do for relaxation and fun??? I also asked some deep questions. I aimed to highlight the ways in which people have met their goals and achievements, how they discovered their voice and how they live their dreams.



Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz

Tinsel Town  is a magical place where every day people become instant super stars.

See all the Tinsel Town Live Interviews here and on You Tube.


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Guests who have appeared on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz:

*in alphabetical order*

Bridgette R. Alexander, author
Jay Alfonso, live streamer
Gary Alvarez, film producer
Sandi Amorim, life coach
Vicky Ayala, business coach
Pauline Baird Jones, author
Mimi Barbour, author
Jeffrey A. Barnes, author
Lisa Becker, author
Melany Berger, influencer
Ciaran Blumenfeld, entrepreneur
Christopher Bowen, author
Ross Brand, entrepreneur
Martha Brettschneider, author
Sandra Centerino, influencer
Win Kelly Charles, author
Ruth Curran, author
Jill Dahl, life coach
Genie Davis, author
EJ Everett, influencer
Mark Feldstein, entrepreneur
Vicki Fitch, entrepreneur
Keyara Fleece, influencer
Lisa Flowers, influencer
Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski, actress
Laura Gehl, author
Dawney Glenn, artist
Karen Graves, business coach
Austin Iuliano, business coach
Candy Javier Sakai, influencer
Libby Jean Kennedy, entrepreneur
Roma Khetarpal, author
Chris Kubbernus, influencer
Trista Laborn, influencer
Manuel Lagares, influencer
Mary Lansing, influencer
David H. Lawrence, actor
Jen Lehner, entrepreneur
Venus Leone, Performer
Laura Lohr, influencer
Chris Lopez, influencer
R. Mordant Mahon, life coach
Maria Menicou, life coach
Joe Moe, horror memorabilia expert
Dan R. Morris, business coach
Jennie Mustafa-Julock, life coach
Heidi Nazarudin, influencer
Anne Parris, influencer
Lela Perez, influencer
Raquel Pineira, influencer
Ashlee Marie Prisbrey, influencer
Pablo PuertoRuvian, influencer
Jennifer Quinn, influencer
Maribel Reyes, influencer
David-Dorian Ross, martial arts expert
Vernon Ross, influencer
Anna Scheller, entrepreneur
Stephen Ray Shade, author
Kim Somers Egelsee, life coach
Tommy Spero, author
Marcie Taylor, influencer
Kerry Tressler, exective
Jonathan Tripp, business coach
Suzette Valle, author
David Vaughan, influencer
Carolyn West, influencer
Alaia Williams, influencer
Mary Williams, influencer
Susan Williams, influencer
Stevie Wilson, influencer
Ruth Zankich, influencer


Technical Crew:

Lito Reyes

Roman Reyes

Jay Alfonso

Garner Ozaeta

Rich Saputo

Corri Jones

Lela Perez

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