“Inspiring Adventures” on Smiletime

Posted on February 21st, 2017 by & filed under Inspiring Adventures

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69 responses to ““Inspiring Adventures” on Smiletime”

  1. Gala Daley says:

    Just stopped in Natel who

  2. Thank you Melissa Reyes for hosting a great show

  3. Good night Cindy Harrison

  4. Good night Charlene Belanger

  5. Good night and thank you Cindy Harrison and Charlene Belanger

  6. Vicky Ayala says:

    Thanks for having me chica! =) I’ll find that natal chart link for you in a bit 😉

  7. Thank you so much Vicky Ayala for joining me! That was fun!

  8. You both are most welcome

  9. Thank you Melissa Reyes & Vicky A

  10. just putting that out in the universe. Lol

  11. May you be blessed in abundance Vicky and Melissa

  12. I want a million dollars

  13. That’s good new season is in September

  14. I haven’t seen it either

  15. I want to see all of them

  16. That’s like me and Outlander on Starz

  17. A little bit along with some numerology

  18. Charlene Belanger do you know about that?

  19. My focus needs more focus 😆

  20. I may be in touch in the near future as I was discussing starting a webpage and blog

  21. Spend a couple weeks in Jersey and a couple in NH

  22. I told Melissa she should come to the East coast

  23. Pink = Appreciate, “thank you”, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness, “please believe me”

  24. Authenticity and crave was my reading

  25. RED = Love, beauty, courage and respect. Romantic love, congratulations, “I love you”, “job well done”, sincere love, respect, courage and passion

  26. There’s an echo when Melissa speaks

  27. Melissa is gone from my view too maybe she’s refreshing as well?

  28. I don’t know why my comments post twice

  29. I can see both but there’s an echo loop

  30. I see both, but get an echo

  31. I’m at my own crossroads

  32. Or pruning to grow healthier

  33. Charlene & I are here!

  34. That will never happen Cindy won’t even for me!

  35. my husband would divorce me

  36. Still toying with tattoo idea

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