Following Your Heart – How Intuitive Are You?

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How Does Intuition Affect You?

Do you ever wonder if you have ESP? Do you feel like you can predict things? Do you have a sense of deja vu now and then?

in·tu·i·tionˌint(y)o͞oˈiSHən/noun the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
“we shall allow our intuition to guide us”
synonyms: instinct, intuitiveness;

sixth sense, clairvoyance, second sight
“he works according to intuition”

I consider myself highly adept at using my intuition and this helps me tremendously when it comes to life coaching. It helps to be knowledgeable about these things, especially if we tend to jump to conclusions or make snap judgments. It’s better to take some time and think things through. But when that little voice inside says, this is the right thing for you, it’s good to listen. Some would call this, following your heart.Image credit: <a href=''>drx / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

There have been many times in my life when something didn’t “feel right” and I tried to make it happen anyway with little success. And there have been other times when everything seemed to fall into place and I had the “sense” that it was right for me. Things like moving, buying a house, taking a new job, making an important life decision – these are times when my intuition has guided me.

Having ESP or Extrasensory Perception is more than intuition and based on having a sixth sense – that knowledge which is determined through the mind’s eye. This ability is a gift and should not be taken lightly. People who are so intuitive that they can see things that aren’t tangible and are inexplicable don’t always know how or why they can do this. They just have a sense about it. I don’t claim to have this ability, yet I have experienced a few things that could not be explained. Some people would not agree with this idea. They would say that everything can be explained. Regardless of weather or not there is an explanation I feel that if I am able to help people and live joyfully, having this ability is positive.

I am trying to think of one really great example that I can share with you. So many little things come to mind! My favorite example is a time when I believe that three angels came to me in the night to calm me when I was worried about my pregnancy and unborn child. The vision of the angels was so strong and bright that it was burned into my retinas and I could see them when I closed my eyes. (But I was in a pitch black room at the time.) My son is 18 years old now and I can still see that image and feel the peace that the angels brought me as if it happened yesterday. I don’t know if there were actually angels at the foot of my bed, or if someone was praying for me at that moment, or if I had a sudden realization that I could choose to relax and have faith that everything would be okay – does it really matter? It was such an impactful experience that it has stayed with me and influenced me in a positive way for the life of my child.

Find out just how intuitive you are by taking this quiz.

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How about you?

How intuitive or insightful are you?

Does it help you to make life decisions?

Does it help  you in your relationships?


Tell me about a time that your intuition came into play and made a difference in your life.

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4 responses to “Following Your Heart – How Intuitive Are You?”

  1. marc zazeela says:

    I wish I was more intuitive. I am more of a “we’ll see what happens” person.

  2. Ann Odle says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by this subject. I even took a class from a psychic once to see if I had any skills, and she said that I was highly psychic–I just needed to let go of trying to control things LOL

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