How Coca-Cola intends to #MakeItHappy on Super Bowl Sunday

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The Big Game is just around the corner!

Family and friends will gather together for the most anticipated gridiron rivalry of the year. Once again, Coca-Cola will be part of the evening as it debuts an all-new commercial for the ninth consecutive year. (Disclosure)

Since 1886, in the U.S. and around the world, Coca-Cola has proudly stood for positive ideals and values. They have communicated joy and happiness, and inspired many moments of optimism, diversity and bringing people together. Remember “Have a Coke and a smile?” or “Sing in perfect harmony?”

Now Coca-Cola’s advertising illustrates the importance of injecting a positive spirit into the real world and beyond. The folks at Coca-Cola are asking people to stand together with them to spread happiness – and help make the internet a happier place.

Let’s help them spread happiness and positivity. Together, we can inspire America to #MakeItHappy and help blunt the pervasive negativity many people experience across the internet and social media.

Look for the premiere of Coca-Cola’s 60-second ad during the first quarter of the game.

The stories that will be shared on the Company’s social channels leading up to the game, feature personal stories of online negativity. They are voiced by teens and influential people who have experienced it up close, including Danica Patrick, Michael Sam, and those who make it a mission to spread happiness online like Kid President. Please view Kid President’s video and the three teaser ads here. Leading up to the Big Game, look for new videos to be released on Coca-Cola’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social channels.

 Don’t miss the Kid President Video! See it here:

I hope Coca-Cola’s ad campaign inspires people to be more positive in their online actions. It is an opportunity to increase awareness of an important topic on the world’s biggest advertising stage.

For more information on Intentional Acts of Kindness read my post from Dignity Health. Intentional Acts of Kindness

Join me and Coca-Cola and #MakeItHappy

Tell me about some ways that you have spread positivity on the internet or share how you have seen either Coca-Cola or other companies spreading happiness via social media.

I am always happy to share information about positivity and kindness. I was not paid by any company to post this. All opinions and photographs are my own. See my disclosure for more details on why I write posts like this on my blog. The video, links, and some copy above was sent to my by the Public Affairs & Communications department of the Coca-Cola North America Group and it is being shared with permission.

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  1. MizMeliz says:

    I got some feedback from Coca Cola about this campaign. Totally cool!

    Hi blogging friends,

    We hope you enjoyed watching our Big Game spot, “Make It Happy,” the game and some special time with family and friends. In case you missed it, you can view “Make It Happy” on YouTube.

    “Make It Happy was created to ask people to stand together in support of one of Coca-Cola’s core values: spreading happiness. Many have witnessed online negativity and we wanted to drive awareness around the topic and encourage people to help make the Internet a happier place. The ad featured a unique spin on the importance of creating more positivity in the World Wide Web, highlighting inspiring moments of optimism in the face of online negativity.

    Leading up to the Big Game, we released seven pieces of original content, shining a light on the negativity many experience across the Internet and our Company’s belief in the growing need for positive, uplifting change online. The teaser ads and vignettes are available on YouTube and other Coca-Cola social channels.

    As the ad faded to black, we hoped to bring some positivity to the Internet and inspire others to do the same. Now, we’re asking people to help make Twitter a happier place by replying to a negative tweet with the hashtag #MakeItHappy and watching positivity unfold as the original tweet is transformed into ASCII art. Instagram users are encouraged to sign the “Smile Petition” in support of Coca-Cola’s message by posting a photo of themselves making a hashtag hand sign and writing how they pledge to make the Internet a more positive place. Select images and messages will be aggregated on

    Our Big Game ad carried one simple message: The Internet is what we make it, and we hope to inspire America to #MakeItHappy and become a collective force for positivity. We hope you enjoyed the spot, the game and some special time with family or friends. And thanks in advance for helping spread the happy word.


    Abby Todd
    Public Affairs & Communications
    Coca-Cola North America Group

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