#HalloweenHorrorNight Scaring the H3LL out of every1 w. SPOOKY originals 18+ONLY

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Meredith Loughran, Melissa Reyes MizMeliz, Irene Smith, Matthew Smith, Single Rider, and Joe Moe

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153 responses to “#HalloweenHorrorNight Scaring the H3LL out of every1 w. SPOOKY originals 18+ONLY”

  1. Irene Smith says:

    I’ll see you there!

  2. Irene Smith says:

    I really enjoyed this! Thank you both.

  3. drake says:

    I’m 21 and scared

  4. Irene Smith says:

    Really good advice. Thank you. (I can hear him!)

  5. Irene Smith says:

    Joe, I enjoyed your stories.

  6. I’ll be shutting down soon too.

  7. I need to get going Meredith

  8. Irene Smith says:

    In this day and age, what do you think the best way to get involved in movies would be? My son wants to be a director. Any advice for him?

  9. Irene Smith says:

    My son shared a story tonight for the first time.

  10. Does anyone have a scary story?

  11. Welcome new people to HalloweenHorrorNight

  12. Welcome to HalloweenHorroNight

  13. I’m here in the peanut gallery

  14. I Don’t Have A Storie At The moment

  15. Irene Smith says:

    Double creepy, right?

  16. Irene Smith says:

    I checked it out and I’m planning on submitting too.

  17. Irene Smith says:

    How about a baby doll with clown makeup?

  18. @ScrbblngBndit helloo xx

  19. Akram obada says:

    please may I ask you

  20. We are telling spooky stories

  21. Irene Smith says:

    So you would be a great character in a horror movie.

  22. We are telling scary stories

  23. the volume is better with Joe when I go out

  24. Irene Smith says:

    But that’s what they do in horror movies that gets them in trouble.

  25. Irene Smith says:

    I don’t like to go to Newburgh.

  26. Irene Smith says:

    Creepy! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Thank you for thanking me.

  28. That is Joe as Lon Chaney Jr

  29. I’m going to go. I had a lot of fun reading my story. Goodnight.

  30. @mattscomics thanks for coming Matt

  31. Lito Reyes says:

    joe, your volume is pretty low

  32. Get your MAG LIGHT today and never be in the dark again.. starting from 29.95

  33. Irene Smith says:

    We live on a dead end street!

  34. Great time for an ad from MagLite

  35. @gojoemoego Joe are you on Meredith’s website or on Blab?

  36. I think it was before my time…

  37. Meredith is going to share a story now

  38. melissa has the smoke effect going

  39. @GoJoeMoeGo Joe, do you have a story to share with us?

  40. Joe Moe says:

    can’t wait to hear…

  41. Irene Smith says:

    I have a “real” ghost story if you want.

  42. Meredith! Stop doing that! What if a fire ant falls off of the ceiling?

  43. ohh wait i am at work duh!!

  44. this is fun nice break from work

  45. Irene Smith says:

    My Dad passed away in 2009.

  46. its cool no offence taken

  47. yes but to close to home.. see my wife died in 2010 and the day after her funeral around 3am i heard the kitchen faucet turn on.. and I was alone

  48. Irene Smith says:

    Do you have to say it three times, like Bettlejuice?

  49. @gojoemoego Do you have something to read?

  50. Ron says:

    Clear as a bell.

  51. Irene Smith says:

    Matt’s going to sign in on my computer

  52. Thank you. Nice to be here, at least for a little time…

  53. Hello Meredith and Melissa, just stoping in to say Hello, and Happy Halloween.

  54. Hi Felix. Welcome to #HalloweenHorrorNight

  55. Irene Smith says:

    Free today and tomorrow.

  56. Irene Smith says:

    You know that’s my Matt, right?

  57. Ok I want a bedtime story

  58. Thank you for reading BYOB Irene!

  59. * Pulls covers over my head

  60. thank you … happy holloweeny

  61. Kevin you can join in a little while

  62. Ron says:

    Pam Poovey is a character from Archer on FXX.

  63. Ron says:

    The modern acceptance is that Halloween is the time of the year where the realms of the living and the dead are the thinnest and we all dress to pass among the dead as they walk among us.

  64. Ron says:

    Is Melissa Pam Poovey?

  65. Youssef Onix says:

    hummm in my country we dont celebrate the haloween id like to tell me about it little bit

  66. Ron says:

    We have so many exposed studs, I could open a brothel.

  67. Ron says:

    Been doing vo all day.

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