Grace Under Pressure

Posted on November 13th, 2017 by & filed under Everything Miz Meliz

In this incredibly busy digital age it isn’t often that we stop to think about what it means to be graceful. The word itself has many meanings and could symbolize something different for you than it does for me. When I used the word for my daily affirmations I was thinking of the state of grace in a spiritual way. I want to open myself up for a connection with the universe and the people I know and love. In that way I understand that grace can be a sense of spiritual understanding, acceptance, and perhaps a gift from God, acknowledging the goodness of my intention. But it doesn’t have to be a religious experience to be graceful or to have grace. People who come to mind that I always think of who were graceful in their actions and demeanor are Lady Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Maya Angelou, and Princess Grace of Monaco, herself. You do not have to be a public figure, a national leader, a princess, or an actress – royalty, ( in Hollywood or otherwise!) to be graceful in your actions. It is simply a matter of intention and mindfulness.

This week I will be discussing the concept of grace and how we can apply it in our daily life. If you have a favorite saying, story, poem, or memory having to do with grace, please share it in the comments or join the discussion on Anchor, at my podcast, This is The Sound of My Soul.

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