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I am Scoring High in the Goals Bingo Game!

I am breaking out of the shell where I hide. I have Big Plans!

I am breaking out of the shell where I hide sometimes.


I realized something these past few weeks as 2014 came to an end and 2015 began.

When you make your focus to discover new things, you might stray off track so much that you end up creating new roads as you go along.

~Melissa Reyes, Jan. 5, 2015



Creating New Roads Along the Way. That is what happened to me in 2014. It was a good thing. Getting off track and making a new path for myself was a very good thing, for me. I did discover something. I discovered some things that are new and I also re-discovered some things about myself.

I learned that I am not as passionate about reading as I am about writing. I love to read, but challenging myself to read a few books a month did not help me to complete more books. It just made me feel badly when I didn’t reach this goal. I would rather enjoy reading a book for the pleasure of it than pressuring myself in that way.

I learned that I have abilities that I love and thrive at that I had buried deep down inside of me since, well, like forever. Yeah. That. (Yes, I said it that way. I used some high school slang. That shows how long and how stupid I was being.) I am really good at connecting with people. I am really good at interviewing, asking questions, relating, and making people feel comfortable, comforted, and I am able to complement them with genuine care and admiration.

I discovered that I love, really love, the whole process of video podcasting: interviewing people, recording videos, editing and producing them and broadcasting them on the internet. I did not invent it or stumble upon something new. Not at all. I found a place where I belong. I feel comfortable with this (new to me) community and I look forward to seeing how I can marry my blogging/social media world with my broadcast/interview world. I won’t be the first one and I won’t be the last. It is an opportunity to grow. It brings out the best in me and gives me a way to shine.

My Family Always Comes First. They are at my heart, my soul, my everything.

My Family Always Comes First. They are at my heart, my soul, my everything.

Here are some of the things I love doing that I want to continue to do and to develop in 2015:

  • blogging
  • video podcasting
  • travelling
  • meeting people and building relationships through common interests
  • writing and publishing more books, articles and posts
  • crafting and creating artwork for relaxation and to exercise creativity
  • growing my social media community
  • throwing parties and entertaining at home
  • life coaching by using my unique abilities to guide people on their own path
  • helping people to discover their passion and live their purpose
  • spending time with my family
  • going on date nights with my husband
  • learning by engaging in activities as well as attending conferences, workshops, and classes
  • practicing making positive self care lifestyle choices
  • following a healthy diet and exercise routine to enrich my mind, body, and soul
  • making my home beautiful and comfortable for myself and my family to enjoy
My Focus Words: 2012 - Experience 2013 - Ta-da! 2014 - Discover 2015 - Intention

My Focus Words:
2012 – Experience
2013 – Ta-da!
2014 – Discover
2015 – Intention

I made a bingo card for my goals in 2014. It was fun to track my accomplishments in that way. I checked it quarterly. You can see the results here: 2014 Goals Bingo, Spring Check InSummer Check In, and Fall Check In.)

I hesitate to look at my Goals Bingo Card now, because I have a feeling that once I began doing video podcasts, I stopped doing everything else I hoped to achieve. But, I want to follow through. So, here it goes…I am going to look at it right now.

Goals Bingo Final

Well, it isn’t that bad! I decided to give myself a break and put a star on every box that I did at least one time. So, for the year – I got two Bingos! Yay Me!! My focus word was Discover, and I did try a lot of new things and discovered so much about myself.

Let Your Heart Shine!

Let Your Heart Shine!

2014 was a difficult year for me and many of my close friends because we suffered the loss of quite a number of people from our group. High school friends and special people in our lives passed away. It was a shock to go through this and collectively discover that we have reached our middle age. The good news is, we discovered this together and as a group, we are stronger and closer than I ever thought we would be at this point in our lives. That is what is important to remember. That discovery alone makes it a special year for me. We are not alone. A little effort goes a long way in brightening a friend’s day.

Even Santa needs some self-care!

Even Santa needs some self-care!

I won’t do another Bingo Goals Card this time. I will simply look at my list when I want to see if I am on track. It’s a good list of all the things that I am passionate about. These are the things that I believe I am meant to be doing. I will work at honing my skills. That will be my goal for 2015.

This Year My Motto will Be: Dream Big!

This Year My Motto will Be:
Dream Big!

I always choose one word to remind myself of my goals. It is called a focus word. The word I have chosen to focus on for 2015 is intention. Not only do I intend to follow through on doing the things that I am most passionate about, I will do those things with the intent to be my best self, to forge ahead and continue to make my own way.

“Action is the seed of change stirring within you,

coaxed by the nutrients that encourage it’s growth.”

~ Raam Dev

Ideas give action hope

Vision gives action direction

Intention gives action focus

Inspiration gives action strength

Thoughts give action structure

Experience gives action validation.

Instead of doing stuff, just do.

Instead of trying to become someone, just be.

Instead of cultivating, cultivate.

Instead of living, live.

Forge action.

I love being a woman of action. I love adventure. I love my life!

What do you love? Think of a few things that you truly love doing, being, going…

These are your passions.

In 2015 I will do the things that I love. I will forge action. I will do all things with the intention of being my best self and helping others with the best of my abilities. I will Dream Big and Shine! I will Smile and Blog On! These are my goals. This is my focus.




My best wishes of love and grace to you in the new year my friends!

Happy New Year!

Make 2015 the best one yet!


Miz Meliz

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  1. Mary says:

    I love that you admit you’re not so passionate about reading; sometimes, I am forcing myself to read more, too. But writing? Even when I am struggling with writers block, I still attempt to try cuz I miss it so much when I am not 🙂 Bravo! Cheers to you & all to come my friend! xoxo

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