Interview with Filmmaker Gary Alvarez: Exploring Social Consciousness

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Did you ever get one of those notifications or suggestions on Facebook for “people you may know” and wonder, why? Why should I know him? Who is he or she? Curiously, you click on their profile to see if you might now them and who they know that you are already connected with. That happened when I “met” Gary Alvarez for the first time. Totally random. I sent a friend request and he asked me how I might know him. He said, “thanks Melissa for reaching out! please remind me, have we met in person?”

That was the first sign of sincerity. Gary didn’t automatically accept the request. I told him about the friends that we have in common, what I do, and that I would love to interview him sometime. I had looked at his profile and was intrigued by his bio. Writer/Filmmaker in Los Angeles. DJ. Webseries. Umm, ya, that is what I am interested in.

Gary then accepted the friend request and we messaged about what we do and who we know. I told him I would like to interview him and he said, “interview me?! *blush*.”  That was the second sign of sincerity and indicated to me that Gary was a humble man. I am always perplexed by the reason a person would be surprised when I ask to interview them. I always want to say, “Why not?” Because I sincerely believe that everyone is interview-worthy. I am interested in meeting people and what better way to get to know someone than in a conversation about them? I told Gary, “I love to interview the people behind the scenes. As well as those who are living their purpose and passion.” He said he looked forward to connecting with me. Sweet!

It took a little coaxing, but I am excited to say that he agreed to a face to face interview. He is driving into town for an event and is making a stop at my studio to be interviewed! Check it out in the embeded viewer below…live on Saturday, April 30th at 4 pm Pacific Time. Otherwise, watch the replay here or on YouTube.

Gary Alvarez is a filmmaker based in Long Beach, California. He developed the web series SCUMBAGS. Other credits include producer/director of THE GOOD FOOT! SWEET 16 promo doc and writer/director of the award-winning short film A GOOD MAN. He also writes the column RACK FOCUS, spotlighting breakthrough filmmakers for the online magazine Landscape Latino.

G$ 2Check out some of Gary’s work:

SCUMBAGS – web series –
‘Cause there’s one in us all.

Long Beach soul club The Good Foot! celebrates its 16th Anniversary.

The right thing and the consequences.

A GOOD MAN from Gary Alvarez on Vimeo.

Landscape Latino magazine

Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz

Show Notes from Pre-Interview with Gary Alvarez

G 14“I like to discuss all things creative, specifically film, music and books. I am a writer/director of narratives and documentaries. Currently in post-production on the pilot of a web series called SCUMBAGS, which I produced. Developing my next feature screenplay FROM TJ TO TULUM, inspired by my (mis)adventures across Mexico during a road trip in 2004. In pre-production on a feature doc called POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES based on the Bell political corruption scandal in 2010. I teach film production to 6th graders in Santa Ana as part of the Latino Film Institute’s Youth Cinema Project.”

G 13“When I’m not writing or directing, I spin records and host an internet radio show called PERSISTENCE OF SOUND on, based at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights. During our guest DJ segment PATCHED IN, guests share their top 10 songs that inspire them and/or influence their work as we discuss their projects. I also contribute the column RACK FOCUS to the online magazine LANDSCAPE LATINO, interviewing breakthrough filmmakers on their craft.”

G$ 4

“I’m very community active, supporting organizations in Santa Ana (where I teach), Long Beach (where I live), Bell (my hometown) and Boyle Heights (where I spin records). And, I am into all things Chicano: identity in a marginalizing society, access to higher education, immigration reform, social consciousness, political participation, economic equality, spiritual progress, and self-empowerment.

Books that have inspired me: ON THE ROAD and THE FOUR AGREEMENTS.

Favorite pastime: playing baseball (Go Doyers!)G$ 6

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