Friendversary Video with Ann

Posted on May 21st, 2017 by & filed under A Year in Bloom

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I love this! Happy birthday (belated) to my friend Ann Odle! We have had some fun adventures together, from high above Las Vegas at posh rooftop parties to down on the streets of L.A. on the red carpet at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood! I can’t wait to see her at the end of this month on retreat in Santa Fe Springs! We have been roommates and walking buddies. She was there for my book signing. She has always been a supportive friend and is always willing to help me in any way. The past five years have been tough at times, but she always rises up looking great with that big bright beautiful smile!

One response to “Friendversary Video with Ann”

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Looking forward to seeing you too my friend!

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