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I am inspired by the extraordinary things that people around the world are doing. Like blogger and adventurer, Kerry Kijewski, who unabashedly crossed the 65 ft (20 m) Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, stretching from the mainland to ‘Rocky Island’, 100 feet high above the North Atlantic ocean while she was exploring Ireland. And You Tuber and Bowler, EJ Ford, who together with his wife vacationed in Jamaica this summer, chronicling the trip’s highlights along the way and sharing them on You Tube. To me, these things are extraordinary activities when ordinary people like me do them. What makes this inspirational and even more wonderful is that all of these people are blind.

This is a story of when extraordinary people do extraordinary things. Join me on Tuesday night, September 8th at 6:00 p.m. PDT for a discussion with EJ of EveryThing Blind. I will uncover what it takes to go outside of the comfort zone, not just by doing these extraordinary things, but by sharing them for the world to see. Live on

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From playing guitar to vacationing in Jamaica (He and his wife, Betty, were the first blind couple to go to Sandals Resort celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary this summer.) EJ loves to share his experiences on You Tube. He is passionate about it. He shares all of his extraordinary talents and in the process shows us how anyone can be a You Tube star. With over 1000 subscribers, EJ is well on his way!

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