Do you Instagram? Follow Miz Meliz @mizmelissa and See Beautiful Vacation Pictures!

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I love Instagram!  I feel really connected with people when I know they are following my adventures.  With Instagram I can post a picture, improve the way it looks by adding a filter and a frame, write a caption, include a hashtag, share it instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr, and even check in via Foursquare.

New Mexico

New Mexico

On my recent Spring Break Vacation, I asked my friends to follow me on Instagram @mizmelissa for daily updates.  I went on a road trip with my family and we made lots of stops.  We drove over 2500 miles in one week.  We drove through beautiful terrain and I saw some of the most exquisite views of the sky that I have ever seen.  All the pictures I took were with my iPhone and mostly through the window of the passenger seat! I think my pics came out pretty good and I enjoyed sharing them!

I called my trip Six States in Seven Days and I will chronicle my travels in my next few posts.  The trip was amazing for many reasons.  It was a great break from routine and get away with my family.  I planned meet ups with family and friends that I haven’t seen in years.  The main objective and reason for the trip was to visit the universities that my son had been accepted to and help him make a decision on where to attend in the Fall.  It was probably the last family road trip vacation I take with my three sons.  This vacation was also a great way to test my social media skills and have an adventure!

If you want to see the 25 pictures that I posted on Instagram during my trip either click  HERE and see them on my Instagram page, or you can search for the hashtag #mizmeliz. If you like what you see, I hope you follow me to see more fun and gorgeous photos. Let me know your Instagram name so I can follow you!

Here are a few of my favorites:

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8 responses to “Do you Instagram? Follow Miz Meliz @mizmelissa and See Beautiful Vacation Pictures!”

  1. Marc Zazeela says:

    Fab pics, Melissa. Enjoyed the journey.

  2. it looked like you got a lot of beautiful pics while you were on your vacation =) Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  3. TimGreaton says:

    Melissa, sounds like you had a great time. We’ll likely do a lot more traveling when the last two children are out of college: one more year for one, and the very next year our youngest will start. I’ve got my mind set on a tropical writing retirement. Damn grandkids better not be parked someplace too cold 🙂

  4. That’s weird. It posted my comment with a really old blog site I had years ago. I’m actually at

  5. Yep. I follow you @adaddyblog. Have a super day!

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