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It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

I will show you what I use to create awesome graphics. The platforms, like everything else, are changing every day. I did a quick comparison.

Here are my faves:


  • easiest to use
  • hot new templates
  • amazing stuff for free
  • great for newbies and anyone who likes to be creative on their blog or in their correspondence
  • geared towards creative collages
  • basic social media templates and sharing

I did this one on FotoJet:

Stars on Tonight


  • free
  • super easy
  • lots of social media templates and layouts to use
  • social sharing
  • ease of payment for one offs or special projects
  • easy to download to different formats
  • Sometimes I wish for more
  • Business level upgrade available
  • NEW! iPhone app! It is really good.

I made this (and most of my graphics) with Canva:




  • Not as easy, yet definitely “learnable” and great video training on easy to find front page
  • (I get the feeling their are more men working on the design team, and possibly a little old school in their formatting of the user interface, it’s not all click and drag.) IMHO
  • Extensive, thorough, and exciting!
  • Templates are above an beyond what you want. As if they know what you will want.
  • Affordable PRO level
  • monthly or annual payments (Special Offer, see below and save!)
  • Built in SEO, SCHEDULING, and tagging! (yes, very thoughtful!)
  • Great for bloggers, blabbers, and content creators – because you design your basic graphic and it autofills in varying formats to put in different social media platforms. See image below – just a snippet of possibilities and all I did was fill in one template.

relay scrsht

I made these today on Relay:

What DIY Graphic Design program are you using? 

Try RelayThat for FREE for 14 Days,

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and I get $20 off, too! 

Note: @FotoJetApp asked me to try their graphic design app for review. I heard about @RelayThat today on #BlabNation with @JonathanTripp and @LelandBest in their interview with CEO @CraigCarpenter Redefining User Generated Content <<Click to see the show on Blab.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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2 responses to “Everyone is a Graphic Designer Online Now @relaythat @canva”

  1. I’ve used Canva. I don’t think I’m a natural, because it frustrated me. haha I will check out the others. Oddly enough, I used PhotoShop for cover design, but the promo graphics do challenge me for some reason. Have you heard of WordSwag? It’s an iPad app for quick graphic design. A lot of limitations, but it does make some pretty and easy promo graphics.

    • mizmeliz says:

      I don’t have an iPad, so I am not aware of WordSwag. I think if you give Canva another try you will like it once you get the hang of it. Although, if you are used to Photoshop – you will probably find RelayThat very easy. Let me know if you give it a go!

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