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For some reason everything about Valentine’s Day this year was romantic for me.

I couldn’t wait to decorate at the office as February closed in on January. I was excited about the holiday and looked forward to doing something special with my husband.430046_346904965330974_207467779274694_1142044_532980278_n As usual, I had no idea what we would do and knew that unless I started making suggestions, Lito most likely wouldn’t plan anything big. We are always still recovering from Christmas and catching up on bills at this time of year. Lately a date night for us includes going grocery shopping, picking up a pizza and watching something on Netflix. Which has actually been a very nice way for us to connect. We have had so many romantic and adventurous times together over the years, we don’t feel depraved or anything! Nowadays we get excited about what the kids are doing.395393_346119065409564_207467779274694_1140329_1569696551_n I guess it was in the stars for us to have a romantic adventure this year. With Valentine’s Day being on Friday, as of Monday we still didn’t have any solid plans, so when an opportunity came up to do attend a blogger event, I felt like I should go for it. Rarely do these things include Lito and I had a feeling he would like this plan. Like a school girl, I ran down the hall squealing…”Guess what we are doing for Valentine’s Day, Honey!” “We are going to the Queen Mary, to sample free food and drinks, see one of our favorite cover bands, Don’t Stop Believin’, the boat will be transformed into a pink Love Boat and to top it off there will be fireworks. All for free!” I said, in one breath. “And, I will get to write about it afterwards with compensation.” This event was all sponsored by Ehrmann’s MIXIM Greek yougurt. (That is huge for me – to get paid for my writing is an important step.)FinalLoveBoatVectorLogo Lito liked the idea. “Whoa, wait a minute. Friday night? The Queen Mary. That’s in Long Beach. Traffic will be murder.” I ignored his response. I stayed positive. “What did you have in mind for Valentine’s Day?” I asked him. “Well, if we leave as soon as we get off work and we are lucky, we might arrive by 7:00 p.m.” He said. That’s the spirit! We can do this! We might be a little late, but the schedule was packed with fun things from start to finish, including a Guiness Book of World Records event. The Journey cover band and fireworks were scheduled to start well past 7:00 p.m., so we decided to accept the offer.

MontiLoveHeartBadge2Tuesday, Wednesday…the days went by slowly. I was getting really excited. A lot of people I knew from blogging were going to be there. This was going to be a blast! Thursday. I started feeling sick. I had an ear infection. I couldn’t even hear from my left ear. Friday. I stayed in bed. I didn’t go to work. It was a stuffy head, fever, can’t hear a thing Valentine. I thought, if I rested and took meds maybe I could still make it. I felt obligated and it was such a special event, Lito and I really wanted to go.

I didn’t decide until the late afternoon if I was going to go. I imagined the long drive, the cold sea air, standing on a deck for hours, and I didn’t know if I would have the energy. I got out of bed and took a long hot shower. Because my cold was in my ear, and I wasn’t sneezing or coughing, Lito wasn’t aware of how sick I was. He was really looking forward to our adventure. I didn’t want to disappoint him. So I got dressed and put on my best face and we left as soon as he was done with work.

Guess what we forgot. Jamzilla. Have you heard of it? It’s one of the fun names the news media uses to call the ginormous traffic jam they expect to happen when there will be a road closure on a Los Angeles freeway due to construction. Like Carmegeddon, this one was reported to be a nightmare! And we were headed straight for it. Every route on the GPS shined bright red. Major traffic. The estimated time of arrival at the Queen Mary on the GPS was 11:35 p.m.! It was now 4:00 p.m.


Our route to Long Beach

The weird thing was, the traffic was moving. It was not that slow. It was not jammed. In fact it was going faster than normal. So we kept going. I am sure we were thinking the same thing. At some point we were going to hit the traffic and be attacked by Jamzilla. I was worried that having to navigate in traffic for hours would put Lito in a bad mood and spoil the evening. I was also worried that I would be so late that I would make a poor impression on the PR rep that gave me the opportunity. But what could we do? Grab a pizza and go home? freeway5506 We kept our mood up and decided it would be interesting to see how long it actually took to get to Long Beach, which is 54 miles from our area and without traffic would take about an hour. Of course there is always traffic, so a normal expectation is an hour and a half. Once we got about half way, the GPS now gave an estimated time of arrival of 8:30 p.m. Four and half hours? Really? Well, I thought, if we turned back now it would take as long to get home. So we kept going. By some Jamzilla miracle, we arrived about 7:30 p.m. We were an hour and a half late, and I had been looking at all the pictures my friends were posting on Facebook and Instagram of the festivities that we were missing. But, there was still a few hours of fun to be had. I was so glad we made it! It was totally worth it!20140214_194257 It was a magical night! Everything fell into place beautifully. We had a wonderful time and I am so glad I went. The pictures below tell the story. The Queen Mary looked beautiful bathed in pink light inside and out. We were given our VIP passes at the entrance, I was handed a long stemmed pink rose, we walked the pink carpet, took pictures like “Rock Stars,” and entered the Queen Mary fashionably late.20140214_195056 We arrived just as the Guinness World record was being set for the most couples feeding each other yogurt. I had never seen so many people wearing bright pink T-shirts in one place before! We enjoyed a lovely dinner and drinks in the VIP lounge which included caviar canapes, scrumptious cheeses, and elegant pastas. We hung out with friends from So Cal Lady Bloggers and met their husbands. We made new friends. We took lots of pictures.

We loved the yogurt we tried.

We loved the yogurt we tried.

After we ate dinner, we were treated to Ehrmann’s MIXIM Greek yougurt. It was delicious! Lito loved the chocolate and raspberry add-ins. I enjoyed the creamy thick yogurt drizzled with honey and almonds. Then we leaned on the railing, looking at the full moon reflecting on the water. It was a gorgeous night. Not cold at all. The sky was clear and there was love in the air! The boat was full of couples, families, and friends. Everyone was smiling and having a good time. It had been transformed into The Love Boat! Ehrmann’s new MIXIM Greek yogurt comes in six flavors to match every food mood:

  • Decadent and dessert-like: Cherry and Chocolate Curls; Raspberry with Dark and White Chocolate Curls
  • Take-me-away tropical: Mango Pineapple with Coconut & Almonds; Honey with Coconut & Almonds
  • Fruity-crunchy: Strawberries with Granola; Blackberry Pomegranate with Granola & Dried Fruits

Ehrmann raised over $20,000 for The Children’s Heart Association by staging the World Record Event. And they continue to raise money and awareness for that important cause. I wish to thank Ehrmann’s MIXIM Greek yogurt for a wonderful experience. It was so well organized, and such a perfect evening. I am in love, with my sweet husband, the Queen Mary, and MIXIM yogurt! Seriously, it was that good! (Disclosure.) (Los Angeles traffic, not so much!)

Ehrmann donates money for the Children's Heart Foundation

Ehrmann donates money for the Children’s Heart Foundation

“We are excited to make history, but most of all, we are proud that our efforts helped benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation,” said Chris Solly, CEO of Ehrmann USA. “It was incredible to see all the people in attendance so excited about being part of this event and getting such positive feedback on our new MIXIM yogurt. We are thrilled that fans have a new way to enjoy Greek yogurt with our unique MIXIM heart-shaped packaging and perfectly paired toppings.” Since I love Journey and Don’t Stop Believin’ is one of our favorite cover bands, it goes without saying that the concert was terrific! They rocked it and put on an amazing performance. The crowd was wild, singing and dancing to our favorite songs. It brought back so many memories of our relationship and fun times together. It set the tone for a perfect night that was about to get even better.

Don't Stop Believin' Rocked It!

Don’t Stop Believin’ Rocked It!

The firework show was the best ever! Right off the water above the boat, it started just as the last song was played. Heart-shaped bursts of red and pink filled the air. The music continued and I was amazed by the wonder and excitement as the fireworks filled the sky and my husband held me in his arms. It reminded me of all the dates and perfect nights that have ended with fireworks over the years. Our first date. Our honeymoon. Vacations. Disney World. Fourth of July. And now, Valentine’s Day aboard the Queen Mary. It was so romantic. I will never forget it!

The Most Amazing Fireworks Ever!

The Most Amazing Fireworks Ever!

If you want to share a photo from your own romantic adventure with Ehrmann’s MIXIM Greek yogurt, you can have a chance to win a great prize! Here are the details:

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    I am so glad you are Lito made it out because you two are such a cute couple! I’m happy it all worked out!

  2. Jonathan Lopez says:

    Sign me up!

  3. Mary says:

    What an unforgettable valentines day! I am so happy you were able to make it despite your infection; Like I told you, I know ear troubles & I don’t think you know how debilitating they are til you have it!:( Perhaps the pain makes us feisty?! 😉 So happy you guys had a romantic fun evening!

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