Discovering How Mindfulness and Meditation Make it All Better

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Sometimes I feel like I am taking things too hard, or too personally. I start to wonder, “why me?” And I think, “oh no, not this again!”

I am guest posting on The Responsive Universe  – so head over there to read my post about mindfulness and meditation.

My post features this song by Genesis, Taking it All Too Hard as well as quotes from the book, The Responsive Universe by John C. Bader. You will also see a graphic of The Tree of Contemplative Practices, from The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. This graphic shows all the varying types of practices used for mindfulness and meditation. 

Being mindful makes a difference in my life.

How about you?

What are some contemplative practices that you have tried that help you to center yourself and call out your healthy and happy inner voice?

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