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I could hardly wait to interview my new friend, David H. Lawrence. I “met” him much like I meet most people these days – on a Blab. He was the guest of Joel Comm and I got to get onscreen to ask a quick question. I followed up with Joel and David after the show on Twitter. David replied and we quickly became friends.

DHL big-smileDavid is a generous and kind person, who has devoted his life not only to his craft, but also to his passion of helping others. Having just met me he offered to help me out with a presentation I was working on for ENMNCon2015. He is one of those working actors who is gracious, joyful, and conscientious who “insists on playing by the rules” in an industry that has many unspoken guidelines that are difficult to navigate.

Meet him on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town – – see the replay here.

David is an expert in the field of Voice Work, an entrepreneur, and a popular Hollywood actor. For fun he watches movies, enjoys television, and loves going to Las Vegas. His favorite resto in Los Angeles is Hugo’s, West Hollywood and Studio City. David claims it has “amazing service, food created with food allergies in mind, and gluten- dairy- egg- and nut-free is available on request.”  He also likes The Shophouse, on Sunset and Vine, which is Asian food (from the same people who own Chipotle,) which happens to be a favorite of mine. His favorite theater in L.A. to screen films is the AMC 16 in Burbank: Theatre 14. David says it “is an AMC Prime theater – awesome seating, amenities, screen, and sound.”

  • He has a resourceful app that helps actors and writers called, “Rehearsal” and he is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for the app.
  • He has created a secret perk for anyone who’s watching the LIVE interview on Blab.
  • He teaches Voice Over and has developed an online class as well as advanced seminars.
  • He was recently featured in AARP’s magazine about innovative ideas from people over 40.

David H. Lawrence XVII Actor

Connect with David

Website: David H. Lawrence XVII

Twitter: @dhlawrencexvii

Find David H. Lawrence XVII as dhlawrencexvii on almost all social networks including Blab.im/dhlawrencexvii

All images are from the website of David H. Lawrence XVII and are being used with permission.

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