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I’m getting ready to make costumes for the middle school Spring musical. I can hardly wait to get the patterns and get started!

The play is based on a game called Grim Fandango (a guy who was a bit of a wise guy when he was alive is caught in a limbo-type place trying to work his way into heaven, but in order to do so, he has to help save other souls…not as heavy as it sounds). It’s in an old Hollywood type of setting. The costume pattern is for a 50s roller waitress (short circle skirt with tulle petticoat and a little hat), but we will be styling them to look like art deco bell-hops. The costumes are for the dancers.

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  1. MizMeliz says:

    I plan on posting about some of the process and pics of the result. I have lots of craft projects that I have completed over the years. I want to share ideas as I go forward.

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