Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz featuring Charles G. Hanna @hanna_higher

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Steps to Happiness with the Inspiring Charles G. Hanna

Featuring Charles G. Hanna, author of “Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life”


Charles G. Hanna is a highly successful CEO, philanthropist and author of the new book, Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life. Through his firsthand experience and his understanding of human nature, neuroscience, and life management, Charles, for the first time, is revealing his practical and achievable techniques, tips and tools so that everyone can find a cheerful outlook this year.
Eye-opening and insightful, Charles and I will discuss:
  • Simple exercises anyone can do to help center themselves and get into the groove of a new year
  • Perception Disorder: What it is and signs you may be suffering from it 
  • Reaching a Higher State: What this means, and his top techniques that anyone can apply to get there
  • Why he believes happiness is a way of thinking and not the result of great achievement
  • And much more!
Charles G. Hanna is the Chairman, CEO, and founder of a third-party technology provider that he began in a basement in 1979 and built into a leading service consolidation company with offices across Canada. A devoted father of three children, Hanna is involved with a range of charities, including organizations that help with cancer treatment, Canadian artists, and displaced and handicapped people. He has a particular soft spot for children and animals, and contributes his personal time in various ways to youth shelter homes and animal shelter groups. He divides his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.
Connect with Charles on and on Twitter, @hanna_higher.
Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life is available from Amazon and most major booksellers.higher-book-by-author-charles-hanna-book-cover

Step Up to Happiness with Charles G. Hanna @hanna_higher #onSmiletime

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33 responses to “Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz featuring Charles G. Hanna @hanna_higher”

  1. Thank you Kathy Kovacs Flores, Valerie Joy Kreilick, and Gala Daley for being here for the live video.

  2. Jonathan Tripp, Peter Bregman, Ross Brand, David-Dorian Ross, Belinda Ginter, Carol Takakura, Elise Cohen Ho, Ruth Curran, Cindy Harrison, Laura Schroeder Lohr – let me know when you see this interview, I would love your input! Thank you so much!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity to speak with such a humble and kind man! Thank you Charles G. Hanna for being my guest on Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz!

  4. I’m going to get the book. Thanks!

  5. My Momma visits me frequently in my dreams and they’re very lifelike.

  6. There is a very thin veil between us here on earth and our loved ones

  7. I lost my Mom and Dad 1 month apart. Talk about life taking care of that and giving me challenges, even when I wasn’t ready.

  8. Life does do that for you! Exactly.

  9. Mag Ruffman says:

    Question for Charles: What do you do when you feel really disconnected? If that happens to you…

  10. Even Mother Teresa felt that way= she hated photos taken of her and compliments

  11. I fell on an escalator. 36 stitches later. I’ll stand still going up or down an escalator.

  12. And my little ones are now adults, and they say “thank you, Mom, for all you did”. We might not always agree.

  13. Gala Daley says:

    Looking forward to getting that book.

  14. Gala Daley says:

    We have everything we need to be Happy today.
    Love that. So real. Thanks

  15. And raising teenagers is exasperating, as well

  16. Raising young children is exasperating

  17. this presentation is amazing. Thank you for sharing your story, Mr. Hanna! What I hear from your message is true humility.

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